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December 4, 2019

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November 24, 2019

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My Fashion File

May 4, 2018

Some of you may know, I have studied fashion, love fashion, even though I might not be high street, I have a twist, having done a course in marking/pr and fashion and design, I know all the details, from models diets to the seam on the right piece of clothing, you name it! 


"I love fashion, and I love changing my style, my hair, my makeup, and everything I've done in the past has made me what I am now. Not everyone is going to like what I do, but I look back at everything, and it makes me smile." -  Victoria Beckham


"Fashion is about dressing according to what's fashionable. Style is more about being yourself. -"Oscar de la Renta

Fashion was something I could create and bring to life so to speak. My few inspirations were 


Betsey Johnson 

Phillip Lim



Oscar De La Renta



Alexander McQueen 


At College we had numerous topics on projects and had to create something, here are a few of our projects. As well as some fun ones I did on the side. 


1. Sk& Dungaree Skirt 

2.Lace Heart 

 3. Skin & Bones - Japanese