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December 4, 2019

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November 24, 2019

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Unknown "JAWS" Facts

May 1, 2016

JAWS... need I say more, I fell in love with this movie, some mind blown facts you might have not known about the 1975 American thriller film directed by Steven Spielberg and based on Peter Benchley's 1974 novel.


  • The film’s budget was originally set at $3.5 million, but that swelled to $9 million by the end of production. Its box office total currently stands at $471 million.


  • The famous line “You’re gonna need a bigger boat” was an ad-lib by Roy Scheider.


  • Steven Spielberg shot roughly 25% of the film from water level to provide the viewers the perspective as if they were treading water.


  • The movie's protracted shoot was so troubled by mishaps that some crew members privately began calling the film "Flaws."


  • The average summer tourist population of Martha's Vineyard before the film was released was approximately 5,000 people. After it came out, the population skyrocketed to 15,000.


  • Brody’s dog in the film was played by Spielberg’s dog, Elmer.


  • Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, was used as Amity Island primarily because even 12 miles out to sea, the sandy bottom was only 30 feet down, allowing the mechanical shark to function. Residents were paid $64 to scream and run across the beach as extras.


  • During shooting on a scene aboard the Orca, the boat sank. The camera was submerged in water, potentially destroying the film, but after rushing it to New York the footage was saved.

  • To get the crabs to move in the scene with the arm part on beach, the property master poured some hot coffee on them.

  • When composer John Williams first played his ominous two-note "shark theme" score for Spielberg on a piano, the director thought it was a joke. Later Spielberg would say, "The score was clearly responsible for half of the success of that movie."


  • Jaws (1975) single-handedly caused a downturn in the package holiday trade.


  • Robert Shaw struggled with drinking throughout the shoot. He drank during his pivotal speech about the USS Indianapolis and none of the footage was useable. Chastened, he phoned Spielberg and asked if he could have another try. The next day he nailed the speech in one take.


  • Three mechanical "Bruces" were made, each with specialized functions. One shark was open on the right side, one was open on the left side, and the third was fully skinned. Each shark cost approximately $250,000.