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October 28, 2019

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Carer Kimberley, tells Her Struggling Story to Success!

April 21, 2014

A day in the life of Kimberley Arnold, Hard working and strong. Kimberley has built her life from scratch, From a painful and quiet 4 year lifestyle to a full time carer, fieance and mother to two cats. As a icon, hero and motivator she has gone from pink short hair to mo hawks and tom boy outfits to dresses...

Working 24/7 at the Sunrise retirement home, Working within the dementia department she has made a small new home, From early hours to med checks, I managed  to get a sneak interview with her about her life, style and world!

Do you have a favourite designer?


Jadine Arnold Designs, (Laughs) No, honestly i don't.... Not all that knowledgeable on designers to be honest...


Whos fashion inspires you?


Oef.... Lots, Aria's character on Pretty little liars, Avril Lavigne of course, i quite like Kate Middletons dresses that you see her wear in the papers.


At work what is it you do and do you have a specific uniform?


I work as a care manager in reminiscence in a care home. We don't have uniforms but we have do's and don'ts with what we're allowed to wear. Having quite an active job wearing black trousers and a plain top is usually what people wear but to be honest with all the bending down and standing up i do i spend on a fortune on trousers as they rip down the bum (lol) i find it much more comfortable wearing tights and a knee length skirt with a plain stretch t-shirt. Easy to move in, looks good and comfortable.


Explain your fashion in 3 words.


Comfortable, Unique, cheap


Are there any specific colours you always wear?


I do love my pink. And Black. Mostly a bright colour on top and a dark colour on the bottom


If someone were to want to get into the industry you are in what advice would you suggest?


Do it. It's the most rewarding job (in my opinion) It doesn't feel like a job it feels like a whole family. Knowing you're making a difference in their life means so much more than the money. Especially in reminiscence, every day is different you never know what's going to happen which keeps you on your toes and you definitely don't get bored.


You are engaged any style of dress you are looking or focusing on if so who or what?


Every woman has a dress in mind that they've been thinking about since they were old enough to think about weddings. When i first walked into a wedding dress shop i explained what i wanted and it looked like the perfect one. Until i tried it on.... You always hear about people saying they look like a big meringue. But seriously. I did. Or a big ball of whipped cream. The dream dress that i'd thought about all 28 years of my life turned out to look completely differently on me. The sales woman suggested something totally the opposite than the whipped cream, i remember thinking ' there's no way that's going to look good but i'll try anyway' and low and behold, completely opposite to what i had in mind. But i knew it was the one i wanted.


I never realized you had to put so much thought into your fashion outfit for the big day. Only since starting to plan my wedding did it occur to me. I'd love a huge dress, but to wear it all day long? How about my first dance? Will i end up on the floor in a heap, or do i buy a simple evening dress for the after party so i'm more comfortable? And how about shoes? Heels in my opinion are the way to go but a.) they will hurt my feet and b.) will anyone see them? No one would know if i wore my slippers would they? And so the questions continue :)

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