Youth Is A State Of Mind

Many people seem to lament ‘getting old’ in their late twenties. How strange this is. There are many cliches that are often repeated by people left and right, and we can often become sick of them. But somehow the adage ‘age is but a number’ always seems to ring true. Of course, young people often feel this is false, as often they only hear these words from those much older than themselves. However, that statement is absolutely true, and you could only understand that if you’ve lived for a fair number of years. Age is a mental state more than anything. We all have, or know someone who has, a grandparent who always seems to be positive, youthful, filled with interest in the world. When this starts fading, then you become old. There are those in their early twenties that could be considered middle-aged from the perspective they bring to the world, while others in retirement that still manage to squeeze the best from life. After all, the amount of years you live doesn’t matter, it’s the quality of those years that truly dictates your life experience. Youth is a state of mind, and sometimes to remind yourself of that, you need to experience it first hand. Consider our tips to help you feel more youthful today: Head To A Show A few of the shows ive attended. Head to a show! It might be that your favorite band is in town, or perhaps someone you’ve been enjoying in your Spotify discovery playlists is heading to your city and you’re willing to give them the chance. The act of dressing up, doing your makeup in an abstract and fun method, putting glitter everywhere and tearing up the gig floor with some otherworldly moves can bring you back to the time of your late teenage years. No matter how old you are, the power of music to move you and bring you to a sense of pure energetic expression can be immensely inspiring, and inject you with a sense of vitality you might have been missing. Just be sure to avoid untrustworthy ticket retailers and purchase directly from the source, as sometimes a bad purchasing decision can stop your night before it even begins. Do Something New Dye your hair something crazy Do something new! When was the last time you headed out and did something that made you feel nervous? You might have been curious about that new climbing wall facility that’s opened up in your city in the last month, or perhaps you’ve wanted to finally start that Yoga class but have felt rather uncomfortable about presenting your body stretched in weird ways to a room full of people you don’t know. However, new experiences are the core of anyone’s spirit, and taking the time to do this can be nothing but worthwhile. If the past, the child you managed to learn how to be a person and become the great individual you are over time, you can for sure enjoy jumping into an experience with nothing but potential enjoyment to be found. If it wasn’t unprofessional to place a ‘cheeky’ emoji here, we would. Hold a monkey Sometimes expressing yourself, retaining your childhood spirit, and just finding a refreshing activity can truly help you achieve that inner sense of youth. But of course, you’ll never know if you don’t try. Have fun!

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