Women's Lingerie Trends

They always say having sexy underwear makes you look confident and feel confident, right? So, let’s take a look at some women’s lingerie trends... This blog post will give you a helping hand with that by revealing the top trends in women's lingerie from companies like julbie.com. Old School glamour is a style that is very popular at the moment. The best way to emulate this lingerie trend is through satin underwear sets, intricate lace details, French knickers and delicate colours. A lot of people opt for peach and pale pinks when emulating the old school glamour look. However, as it is winter, a teal or a dusty pink works beautifully. This is a look which is sensual and seductive and is assured to go down a treat. Nevertheless, if you want to make a bold impression than a leather look set is certainly the way to go. This is something which is confident and sexy. In general, leather is a look which is very much in at the moment; from wet look leggings to leather dresses – everyone is wearing it. But leather underwear is something which can certainly make you feel sexy and look it as well. Of course you do not have to go for real leather; you can go for leather effect or wet look bras and knickers. With regards to colours to wear, this article has already touched upon the best colours for old school glamour, nevertheless in general with regards to womens lingerie as a whole; purple is a fantastic choice. It is something which is dark, yet it is rich and luxurious. So, you do not play it safe or run the risk of being boring. Moreover, there are several different shades of purple available for you to choose from; from the vivid and vibrant purples to the dark and intense options. Moreover, if you want to impress then you don’t always have to go for an underwear set. Instead you can opt for a sexy and sophisticated corselette. This is a piece of underwear which truly proves that more is less. Although your stomach is completely covered, as are the very tops of your legs, this is good because it adds mystery to the whole appearance and creates the desirable subtly sexy look. Furthermore, complete the ensemble with a pair of stockings and there is no stopping you. And the final trend, which is actually more of a rule, is to wear something which you feel comfortable in. Confidence and sexiness is all about how you feel within yourself. Therefore, if you feel uncomfortable wearing a thong; then buy a pair of ruched knickers; whatever makes you feel best! Nevertheless, utilise the trends mentioned in this article to give ideas and inspiration and you can then use them to suit your own taste and body type.

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