Why We Love The OC's Seth Cohen aka "Adam Brody"

Back in 2003 the world was obsessed with the teen comedy, drama, romance series based in Orange Country. The OC. Directed by Josh Schwartz. This is where actors such as Mischa Barton, Rachal Bilson, Ben Mackenzie and the goofy, geek with a witty sense of humour Adam Brody There were a total of 4 seasons. The one character that gets me every time is Seth Cohen, for those who have watched it will understand his ways of wittiness, randomness and his comic book love with Captain oats as his pet toy…. Here are a list of the best quotes from Seth Cohen from Seasons 1-4. Seth: I didn't know they had musicals in Chino. I didn't even know they had dancing or laughter. Seth Cohen: So, today's topics, we have some topics... The Hulk. He gets bigger, all his clothes rip off. Except... his pants. Why is that? Best Lines From Seth Cohen on THE OC. Seth: Over-exposure, its a major source of conflict in a relationship. Summerith, Sethimer? You understand what I'm saying?
Ryan: No no, but that's normal. Seth: Alright, I'm gonna go make magic happen. I feel like my hair's working for me tonight. Seth: I had sex with a girl! Summer, to be more specific.
Ryan Atwood: How was it?
Seth: I had sex.
Ryan Atwood: That bad?
Seth: No, not that bad it was just kind of weird.
Ryan Atwood: Weird?
Seth: Ye, but not kinky weird, more like awkward. But hey, you know what? It was my first time and she's a more experienced woman, that's to be expected. And I did make some faces in the middle that I wish that I could take back but I can't and there's also sort of a whiny noice that came out towards the end, that wasn't my finest hour. And I sucked so bad. I was like a fish flopping around on dry land. Ryan, I was Nemo and I just wanted to go home. Seth: Dude, I'm a child of southern california if I go out in this I'll melt. Seth: If you're alone, cough twice.
Ryan: I'm alone. Seth: If you do this for me, somewhere down the line I'll be able to do something for you. I don't know what it's gonna be yet, but it's gonna be awesome! Marissa: Uh, what's that, Seth? Did you say you need a ride to a Star Wars convention?

Seth: The Star Wars convention? I'm sorry. Her top was off. You couldn't have at least said X-Men for me? Seth to Ryan: Do you want to play Grand Theft Auto? It’s pretty cool. You can like, steal cars and… not that that’s cool. Or uncool. I don’t know… um… Seth to Ryan: Summer’s right over there, look. I’m— Stop. Don’t look, don’t look. I mean you can look, but don’t look like you’re looking. Seth Cohen: Look at him. He's like, what, the conventionally attractive, you know, athletic, confident, just... completely non-neurotic, Wasp version of me... Ryan: You’re talking to a boat, Seth.
Seth: Yeah, I talk to a plastic horse, too. But that never worries anyone.
Ryan: It worried me. Seth Cohen: [to Lindsay] Congratulations, you're a Cohen. Welcome to a life of insecurity and paralyzing self-doubt. Luke: C’mon, Chino. Try and hurt me. Make me feel pain. Wound me.

Seth: Do you know all the money Luke saves on therapy through this thing. Seth: Her with a tattoo, you with a wristband. That’s like the ultimate wrong-side-of-the-tracks love story. Seth: Our noses grazed. And it was like the most sexually charged nose-graze in the history of nose grazes. It’s essentially nose-humping, is what it is. Seth: After today, how I acted, Ryan, I don’t think I’d get back together with me. Marissa: Look, I don't know why Luke does that. Did that. He's just...
Seth: An ass?
Marissa: Protective. Summer: You're in my house.
Seth: And you're dressed. I wonder who's most disappointed.

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