When I saw Katy Perry in 2008.... to Now...

"If you want me, it takes more than a wink,

And more than a drink and more than you think.

If you want me you're gonna have to break the bank, tonight.

Cause some don't have the patience, some call me high-maintenance

But you pay the bill, cause, that's the deal." - If You Can Afford Me - "One Of The Boys" (2008) Album We all love Katy Perry from her “I kissed a girl” to “ET feat Kanye West” and “TGIF”. From her FIRST 2001 album album: "Katy Hudson" to "Prism" (2013) alot has changed in a few years! That is for sure! But what we love is how down to earth she remains, with gossip, drama, relationships, heart ache and LIFE. She handles things so well and is a true inspiration! When she first came out and was the big it thing most have one hit wonders oh was that a different story for Katy, I just feel for her songs, the unique voice and use of notes, her true heart went into her music which I admired as most people these days have others doing so. The story and how she came about is amazing! Find out more here! Also shes a awesome person! "Hot N Cold" When I saw her in London 2008. But lets rewind before she entered the stage it was 3OH3 "Dont Trust ME" My friend is in LOVE with her so for £8 Pounds YES £8!!!! For her "One Of The Boys" (2008) I booked surprise London tickets in a small venue near Kings Cross. Small cosy crowd and this is how are night went. From 3OH3 to Katy Perry up and personal. Fantastic evening and to this day still goes out to being the best concert. From people showing out fun comments to Katy getting involved. It was like a small conference with music. Here is the photos I snapped while there. Now shes a global sensation! With tickets at the O2 and stadiums starting at £55 for standing! You never know whos going to boost! So follow your true inspirations and not what the media tells you too! Who will bloom next?

When I saw Katy Perry in 2008.... to Now...