Welcome to the Edinburgh Blogger Conference

We have a date set! BOOK it IN! 17th June 2017 The Edinburgh Blogger Conference is an event supported by Social Tailor, which will bring a series of professional and inspiring brands, bloggers and other high end companies to network, promote and bond with different markets. The Conference was conceived because companies and retailers rely heavily on bloggers. Meet our current supporters A conference bringing networking & workshops. Having worked partnered up with Apple in May 2016 putting together "The Power Of Blogging"​ Had a fantastic outcome and made many people aware of the power bloggers do in fact have. Having had tickets sold out within 24 hours. This is something we want to make bigger! We decided bloggers deserve some support so we will gather bloggers, vloggers, marketing managers, content managers and more, for a day of education, networking, insight and fun. Meet our Awesome Team Be sure to follow us on our social platforms.

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