V-day For Couples VS Singles

That dreaded V WORD! Yep it's coming up! For couples it's a chance for stores and Hallmark to make lots of money, for singles is an excuse to get drunk and party! Here are the couples vs singles. Either way it's a 50 50 at heart.... COUPLE SURPRISES SINGLE SURPRISES COUPLE GIFTS SINGLE GIFTS Welcome HOME! COUPLE DINNER SINGLES DINNER COUPLE CELEBRATING DRINKS SINGLE DRINKS More for ME! COUPLE MOVIE NIGHT Cosy movie night... SINGLE MOVIE NIGHT SUCK IT Nicholas Sparks! Ain't no sparks for ME! Couple Night OUT SINGLE NIGHT OUT COUPLE BED TIME SINGLE TIME Lets face it we are all crazy cat ladies at heart on V-day.... Single or in a couple! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! NOW paint the town RED!

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