Travelling Well with Your Dog

If your dog is used to it's creature comforts or requires a lot of exercise, you might assume that he or she won’t enjoy travelling. However, accompanying you on trips and going on adventures can be one of your dog’s favourite pastimes! If you want to avoid paying for dog sitters or putting your dog in kennels while you’re away, take a look at these top tips for travelling well with your dog now: Start from a Young Age If you know your lifestyle involves a lot of travel and you’re planning to get a dog, include them in your travel plans from a young age. Once your puppy has had its jabs, you can take it virtually anywhere with you, although you might want to make sure they’re housebroken first! If a puppy gets used to travelling when they’re young, you’ll have no problems travelling with your dog when it’s older. Find Dog-Friendly Accommodation When you’re travelling with your dog, it won’t be as easy to find last-minute accommodation. A significant number of hotels, B&Bs and guesthouses still don’t allow dogs, so you’ll need to plan ahead. Fortunately, an increasing number of establishments do now permit dogs, so you should be able to find somewhere suitable, regardless of where you’re going to. What’s more – there are even dog-friendly hotels popping up that have everything you need to give your dog a 5*, luxury travel experience. Think About Transportation If you’re driving to your destination and it’s not too long a journey, putting your pup in the car with you might be the easiest option. However, if you’re travelling long-distance or you’re going to be flying or travelling by boat, you’ll need another route for your pet. Dedicated pet transport services, like, can give you peace of mind that your dog will be well-cared for throughout their journey. Just remember to ensure you have the right documentation on hand before your pet departs. Take Familiar Items Whenever you’re travelling somewhere new, be sure to take a selection of items that your dog is familiar with. Their own toys, blankets, bed and bowls will carry their scent and make them feel secure. It’s little things like this that can calm a dog’s anxiety, so it’s important to make sure you have everything you need to help your dog enjoy their mini-break or holiday. Get Some Extra Training In If your dog’s young, overly excitably or not used to travelling, their behaviour might take a turn for the worse when you arrive at your destination. Your pup may be keen to explore new places, which means their recall may be lax or greet everyone they see, which means jumping up or barking. However, a little extra training will help your dog to take everything in their stride and help you to relax and enjoy your trip. Planning a Dog-Friendly Holiday Whether you’re staying in the UK or heading abroad, there are many ideal destinations for a dog-friendly holiday. With online networks to help you, you can track down the most exciting places to visit with your pup and turn them into a seasoned traveller!

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