Top 10 Appliances Must Haves

Everyone knows that household appliances are very important. No one has time to hand wash jeans and sheets these days, after all, and having to toast bread over an open fire would certainly not be very convenient! Appliances are very important in our homes, but which are the most important ones? Out of all the appliances available in stores today, which ones would be labeled as must haves. Along with the everyday house hold appliances its always good to have appliance repair Winnipeg. This article will touch the top ten appliances at home, and will also back up each of them on why they are in the top ten list. 1. Stove: If you did not have a stove in your kitchen, you would need a fireplace, unless you planned to eat out at least once a day, if not several times a day. If you'd eat that often, the money you'd spend in a week or two would probably pay for any stove you'd like to buy! The stove can boil water, bake a cake, cook chicken, beef or fish, and cook or bake whatever you need. Most of the recipes in your cookbook need a stove to complete the recipe. 2. Refrigerator: If you didn't buy a refrigerator, you'd have to live near a frozen lake or pond in the winter and build an underground cold storage facility in the summer months. Food needs to be kept cold to keep fresh. That's a fact of life, and if you don't want to cut out huge blocks of ice for your ice box in the winter, you'll need a refrigerator. 3.Washer: Washers are a great appliance. There's nothing like stuffing a load of dirty clothes into a modern washer and having a load of clean clothes thirty minutes later. One hundred years ago, washing clothes took a whole day to do and it was if you had a small family! 4. Dryer: Just like it's nice to have a washer clean your clothes in thirty minutes, it's also great to have a dryer to dry your clothes in the same amount of time. Especially in the winter! 5. Dishwasher: This appliance is a lifesaver for a large family, but it is still a blessing for two or three people. Nobody likes to wash dishes, and having an appliance that does all the work for you is always great! Also, the dishwashers don't just wash the dishes, they also disinfect them. 6. Toaster: Most people like toast, and in the morning it became a staple. Toasters do their job efficiently and quickly enough for our fast-paced lives. 7. Coffee Maker: Even if you don't like the black stuff, you'll end up with people in your home who like it, and they're probably very addicted to it! Coffee is a great icebreaker and there's something nice to offer to the guests. 8. Blender: They're all eating healthier these days, and a blender helps you do this. A blender can start a homemade soup in minutes or a frozen fruit drink in seconds. 9. Food Processor: These handy appliances come in all kinds of sizes these days and are very helpful in the kitchen. Instead of spending an hour chopping food for dinner, you can do it in minutes with a food processor. Also, if Mom has to leave for a few days, instead of buying unhealthy frozen dinners for her family, she can pre-chop all the vegetables she needs for food and just leave some simple instructions that Dad can hopefully follow! 10. Microwave: a microwave is a very important appliance if you want to defrost something quickly or heat a few leftovers. Also, you could never have a microwave popcorn without a microwave.

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