Tis the Season to be Broke...

So as many of you know it might seem a little too early for Christmas... But the one thing that is the fact is that we always worry about not having enough money...I know this is another year I shall be spending being broke as anything... Just like most years. Its not all about spending that cash, when did it all become so materialistic?! Something as sweet as a poem or note goes to the heart, and knowing its been worked with heartfelt words and by someone who cares other than splashing out hundreds as many. I took some time to take the most awesome and creative unique (You know me!) Kind and different fun ideas. 13 of the BEST DIY things to sure put a smile on faces! (You can thank me later) You don't need loads of expensive gifts, yes some may complain its too early to talk about this now... one way you know its almost time to start preparing is when the Coca Cola truck makes an appearance on the television and the advert calendars are out! Yap its almost Christmas! I have gathered up some of the most awesome and great ideas for those scratching for pennies and ideas! Simple cheap and creative and will be sure to make someone cry with happiness or laugh with entertainment! At the end of the day thats what Christmas is about isn't it! Spending it and giving people things you know so well! ----------------------------------------------------- 1. BE RECYCLED AND BEAUTIFUL! One of my favourites! So simple and creative. Get an old used bottle. simply decorate it with bits of magazine cuttings and stick it on, make it personal or just simply keep it plain and add a few nice accessories! 2. FRIENDS ARE FOREVER! You must recognise this! Costing only a pound here and there personal and friendship sharing! 3. THOMAS THE TANK DADDY!The Chew chew message top! Check out here for full instructions! This one just had to be added! For all you mummies out there! 4. HO HO HO AND A BOTTLE OF...bailey...? Can't go wrong with a little bit of booze the Irish style! 5. WHIP IT UP! Who's cooking Christmas dinner!?! They might just be the top chef! 6. COOKIES PLEASE TOO!? Or for those younger ones why not try this? Little pots of personal hot chocolates! 7.BRING HAPPINESS TO THE SAD! Christmas is a family time of year! But unfortunately not everyone may be with us! Got a fellow member unable to make it home why need give them a wee little cheer up personal package? 8. FRIENDSHIP IS IMPORTANT! You know your friends so well, why not make a personal box or kit for them! Add fun bits and bobs which makes you think of them and how you survive with them! (P.S. Friends reading this...this ISNT what you are getting.......ahem....) 9. Let's get organised! So simple, clip, button and glue :) or 10.WARM LOVING COUPLES. We all know a few love birds or couples how about a personalised mug! Simple grab a mug and sharpie pen and do what you want with it! 11. THE LOVING PRANK! Sometimes you need a good prank..but a pretty one! Why not try this! Works well on someone who gets a car for Christmas! simply use oil paint. 12. SIZE DOESNT MATTER! This is one of my favourites simply pop to primark and grab some cheap white shoes and decorate them! 13. YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD! This is my favourite! Why not do letters for your little ones or even close friends! Who is their favourite Disney character? Sure they would love to hear from them! Pop a inspirational message and even a little treat if you like! Sure to put a smile on their faces! There you have it! 13 simple ideas to get your brain creatively working and ideas rolling! Simple, cheap and heart warming :) You cant go wrong! Be sure to check out the next and up coming blogs of Christmas food! Yummmmm! Enjoy! Be sure to like and share my page on Facebook!

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