This Year, Let's Bring Christmas Cards To The Next Level

Do we know what Christmas 2020 will be like? As COVID restrictions are frequently changing and alarming local lockdown rules have been announced, we need to be ready to spend Christmas indoors. Does it mean that Christmas is cancelled? Of course not! But if you’re going to make the most of a difficult situation, let’s start by creating Christmas cards that pack a positive message. We all need a little positivity, after all! This year, roll us your sleeves and flex your creative muscles because your friends and relatives can use a little humph during the festive season. Here are some ideas to make Christmas cards 2020 not just memorable, but also EXTRA special. Stage a photo shoot at home Many American families prepare a unique family greeting that captures the best photo(s) of the year. In the UK, however, a lot of us still wander around the aisle of the local Tesco, Sainsbury’ or Marks’ until mid-December to buy packs of seasonal greeting cards. Not this year, though. If you want to make it really special, you should stage a family photoshoot at home. You can use your smartphone as a camera, as most phones provide high-quality photos. Using a few editing apps – such as the ones from this list for iPhones – you can tweak your shot to get the perfect result. The NightCap Camera app is a great addition for night time photography. But if you want a fun and exciting graphic, you can use Adobe Spark Post to create a collage with your photos and a personalised text. Master the perfect hairstyle It’s not a Christmas photo without a Christmas look. We all love to go the extra mile for the holidays. You may not be able to book an appointment at the hairdresser, but you can practice and master a playful and stylish look. You can quickly fix your hair colour and manage overgrown hair. The messy braided low bun is a surprisingly popular style that makes you feel pulled together without needing a lot of work, for instance. If you are considering the addition of fun Christmas accessories, a half-up style, such as the faux-hawk, gives you some room to play. You could braid a small garland into your hair or attach small ornaments on each side of the hawk. It’s not much, but getting your hair and makeup done for the photo will make it unique. Choose words that resonate with you Avo Merry Christmas. Berry Christmas. Hope your Christmas is a cracker. The list of Christmas greeting puns is a never-ended one. But rather than a pun, why not opt for meaningful and personal words that will be more impactful this year? Unless you love a good pun, of course! This year, let Christmas greetings be a word of love that brings courage and warmth to your friends and relatives. We may all be stuck at home for Christmas, and unable to visit the family for Boxing Day. So, while we’re all in this mess together, we could pick a message that brings us together, even though we’re all in different houses. Make other people smile Do heartfelt words feel hard or a little too cliché for you? Not everyone is comfortable with wearing their heart on their sleeves, or a seasonal greeting card as it happens. And, you know what? It’s fine. If you are too shy to spread the love, you can still spread the laugh. American households are more experienced than us with creating hilarious Christmas cards, such as this young man posing as Joseph while holding baby Jesus/kitten, for instance, or this family that puts their newborn in a present box with the message “return to Santa”. You can have a lot of fun with a staged family photo! Card? Let’s zoom it! If you prefer to send a virtual card, why not go the extra mile and make it a Zoom call? Have a Christmas zoom with everyone. It’s a safe way of catching-up and being together on a special occasion. Besides, you can encourage everyone to dress up for the video call. Bonus points for those who turn up disguised as Santa! This year, we’re sending Christmas cakes, not cards Last but not least, if you want to send something sweet to your family, you could also consider sending a Christmas cake rather than a card. You can get cakes sent with a personal card across the UK and even abroad. The situation could change at any time. But as far as we can say, for now, it doesn’t look like we’re going to have a typical Christmas holiday. But don’t let it stop you from spreading some joy with imaginative Christmas cards to lighten up the mood. Christmas may be different this year, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be jolly!

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