Things Only People Who Have Cat's Understand & Want

Your either a cat person or dog person..... But us cat people have this awesome connection with our furry babies! Here are some epic imagines I have found along with blogs you have to check out! 1. I usually follow with "yes, it's Hard being so cute I know. You napped all day your life is so difficult..." Via shop.lingvistov 2. Cause cats are just the best! Via - petitpoulailler 3. They are even on mugs! Cat Lover Gift Funny Cat Mug Funny Cat Gifts Cat Owner Gift Crazy Cat Lady Mug Kitty Mug Meow Mug Cute Cat Mug Black Cat Coffee Mug! Via - MixMugs - BUY THE MUG HERE ONLY $16 - 4. How its like living with a cat! Via - Brightside 5.Community Post: Pro-Cat Propaganda. There are people out there who want to deceive you. People who want to hurt you. People who want you to believe that cats are awesome. Be… - Via Jenny Young/buzzfeed 6. Hilarious Struggles Only Cat Owners Will Understand - Via 9gag 7. Even t-shirts made with them on! Awesome ones too! Stop Stressing Meowt Love Cats T-Shirt - Via ResilienceStreetwear - BUY ME - 8. They always have a weird thing for feet..... Via - Joy The Baker 9. 29 Impossibly Stylish Cat Gifts, In Order Of Awesomeness ( I mean how many animals have this trend) - Via Alison Caporimo MEOWWWWW...

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