The Lucky Goose Restaurant in Malta

Summer is on the horizon and people are heading to Malta and if you’re one of them, then you should totally check in the Lucky Goose. It has opened its doors to the public recently. It is a vibrant place where one can hang out with friends and eat food that is a mix of traditional and continental recipes. Foodies can try something new or traditional while a bar on the side provides people with their favorite drinks. We are discussing what's good and what's excellent in this restaurant, so just dive right in: The ambiance: We should start with it because this is the first thing you will feel when you enter the premises. It feels like you enter a whole other universe when you step right in. You will see people enjoying their time at Lucky Goose and absorbing the ambiance with satisfaction. The smell of fresh food just adds to the tropical feeling you get when you arrive in Malta and here it is at the highest levels. This place seems like cloud nine where everything feels so utterly incredible. In the end, as soon as you get in you will want to get your table as soon as possible to finally absorb the ambiance all around. The bar: Whatever it is you want, whether it is on the rocks or shaken not stirred, almost every type of cocktail or mocktail is available from the bar. If it is a certain type of popular brand, whether it is a Heineken or Corona, it will no doubt be available from the bar. Fizzy drinks like a diet Cola or Pepsi will, of course, be available. What's better is that the bartender is more than well mannered and treats the attendees with utter courtesy and patience. The resident barman can put up a great mini-show for the guests. Moreover, Lucky Goose is also an extensive wine connoisseur, so you can order your favorite wine as soon as you land a table. The Menu: There is a Puglia in a dish, which shows an Italian looking recipe done to the best level. Pork Belly Bites are a favorite from the restaurant and who doesn't like Lamb Rolls cooked to perfection. For those healthy eaters at this place, Broccoli Cheese is an excellent and tasty dish. There is also Chicken Cannoli with Truffle while different steaks and burgers are also available for the continental lovers. Seafood lovers will absolutely adore Herb Crusted Salmon with Tzatziki. Moreover, Pasta Maltese and USDA Butcher's Cut are hard to be ignored. Desserts: Well, there is the usual ice cream in a variety of flavors. To get your taste buds and sweet tooth rolling, there is Toblerone Cake, Mini Chocolate Fondants, Chocolate Fudge Cake and a Cheese Platter. These are for sure going to get you the taste of sugar you were craving for so long. Lucky Goose at Ta'Xbiex near Marina is a Gastropub and restaurant, which will be suitable for people coming with friends or family alike. From there onwards, the place itself will make sure that you enjoy your time there.

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