The Edinburgh Dungeon is Hyding a SINISTER SECRET THIS HALLOWEEN... Boo...

Visit The Edinburgh Dungeon, the Home of Halloween, this October and discover the terrifying true story behind the menacing tale of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Starting on 7th October and running until Halloween, The Edinburgh Dungeon’s new seasonal show – The Real Jekyll & Hyde – brings the inspiration behind Robert Louis Stevenson’s famous novella to life using the brand’s trademark mix of cheeky humour and gripping storytelling. The new show will bring guests face-to-face with Deacon Brodie, the Edinburgh businessman who inspired Stevenson’s tale. A charming cabinet maker by day and a thief by night, he is set to take visitors on an exploration of the darker side of human nature. But the terrifying fun doesn’t stop there – on their descent into the Dungeon, guests will also meet some of Scottish history’s most depraved characters. Will they survive an encounter with the vengeful ghost of The Green Lady or escape from the sea caves inhabited by Sawney Bean’s cannibal clan? The advice is to tread carefully this Halloween as nothing is as it seems… including Deacon Brodie himself. Edward Evans, General Manager at The Edinburgh Dungeon commented: “What better time of year to introduce one of the most sinister and surprising characters from Edinburgh’s history? This is the first time the Dungeon will mix fact and fiction as the real life tale of the devious Deacon Brodie will be presented alongside the characters he inspired. Those brave enough to face the truth will also have the chance to discover whether they are a Jekyll or a Hyde! The results may come as a surprise but they have nothing to fear if they’ve nothing to Hyde…” The Real Jekyll & Hyde is on from 7th October – 31st October 2016. Book your tickets in advance as the event is likely to sell out. Visit or follow @EdinDungeon for updates.

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