The Biggest Regrets We Hold Onto From Our Teenage Years

I’m sure that, like most of us, your teenage years would have been pretty wild and full of fun. After all, that’s the goal of most teens out there - to have as much fun as possible no matter at what the cost may be! Even though most teenagers think they are making some really great decisions as they go through their young lives, as soon as they reach adulthood, the majority will look back and wonder what on earth they were doing. Most of us have some pretty big regrets regarding our teenage years, so there is no need to worry if you do too. You’ll be in the same boat as most people when looking back over some very embarrassing photos! So, I’m sure you will have your own set of teenage regrets that are unique to you. But do you know which are the ones that most of us share? Here are some of the most common regrets we hold from our teenage lives. Which ones do you have? Pexels Not Asking Our Crush Out One thing is for sure, teenagers certainly have a lot of crushes as they go through high school. In fact, who they are crushing on is probably one of the biggest topics of conversations for some groups of teenagers! Do you remember who your high school crush was? Did you ask them out? One of the biggest regrets that most people have when they look back over their teenage years is that they never told their crush how they felt about them. This is usually because we lacked confidence. But as we grow older, we can often look back and realize that it maybe wouldn’t have been so bad if we had asked and were rejected. After all, what’s the worst that could have happened? Getting That Ridiculous Tattoo We all want to be super cool when we are teenagers, and for many teens that means doing something radical like getting a body piercing or a tattoo. Even though there are age restrictions in place when getting a tattoo, quite a few teens who are slightly too young find a way to get a small tattoo somewhere discreet on their body. This is usually something that many start to regret as they grow older and their tastes change! Thankfully, there are ways to get rid of old tattoos. If you have ever seen any tattoo removal before and after pictures, you will know that the results can be really good. These kinds of procedures are now quite reasonably priced and you should be able to find a few clinics close to you that can help you get rid of your old tattoo for good. Not Trying Hard Enough In High School One of the last things on most teenagers’ minds is their future. They are all about the now and want to enjoy themselves while they can. Unfortunately, though, that mindset doesn’t often fit in well with the studies they need to do in order to open up as many job opportunities in the future. Do you wish you had maybe tried a bit harder in your school days? There are ways to remedy this. There are now lots of adult courses that are aimed at mature students to try and help them get any qualifications that they might have missed out on when they were at school. If you feel like you aren’t getting where you want to be in your career because of a lack of qualifications, this could be the best route for you to take. Not Giving People A Chance Teenagers have a reputation for being very judgemental. They only want to do cool things, wear cool clothes, and hang out with other people who are perceived to be “cool”. This means that quite a few teens don’t give many others a chance. However, this can really limit your friendships. Thankfully, most people realize why this was such a bad option once they are older and start to understand just how important our connections are. It’s never too late to make friends, though, so if you don’t have a lot of old school pals by your side, you’ll be able to make up for that now in your adult life! As you can see, there are many ways to fix any issues that these teenage regrets might have caused in your life. You won’t be the first person to deal with such regrets and you certainly won’t be the last!

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