The Best Inventions EVER Made!

So I can be super lazy, and there are so many creations that are awesome and make your life a whole lot easier, eBay here i come! Lets do the count down! 1. Fan cooling Soup/noodles We all have those moments where its too hot or splatters everywhere a creation made to cool to the correct temperature. 2.Umbrella Tent Everyone needs one of these, mainly in Edinburgh/ the UK. Even better if a car or bus splashes you, everyone will be wanting to be your friend! 3.Pasta Portions done correctly This is mind blowing, if you are anything like me, I put the cow for just me... but now you know what the average persons needs, lets not forget pasta expands! 4.Hot dog cutter Maybe not the 911 of todays gadgets but its still pretty awesome, something for the work/school lunch box? 5.Toothpaste Pusher Need I say more to this one?! 6.Lego Keys One to loose your keys? This way you never loose them and its just fun to block down! 7.Iron Board mirror Living in a small apartment and studio it makes you think why these are not all over the place?! Need to invest in one of these! 8.Pillow hole Dead arm? Yap we have all been there! Waking up wondering why you cant feel your arm?! Welcome the new creation to fantastic sleeping!! Avocado Slicer9. Super time saving and does the trick, no fuss with out the stick slush! 5.Onion Slicer I think this should be designed as a safety hazard! Have you any idea how many A&E emergencies there are due to cooking!? You will be surprised! Why do you think I do take aways?! 5.Baby Mop Now some people might think this is just cruel, but lets be fair they do run around the floor, so why put your baby on a dirty floor?! Might as well make them clean it... They wont know... 5.Butter Glue I cant believe its not....GLUE! I need this in my life right now! 5.Umbrella Coffee Cub For all you city and working people, this is the best, New York, Edinburgh and Paris! Welcome to the next must have creation! No more stress when there is a coffee cub and rain to clear the mess!

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