The 5 Best Things About Dating a Dog Lover

The first few weeks of a relationship are always imbued with a certain magic. Our new beau seems so fascinating and perfect. Every day you get to find out something new and exciting about them. What’s more, because you still enjoy a certain mystique with them, you get the opportunity to reinvent yourself a little while you’re in their company. You can be whoever you want to be, and start the relationship on your terms. As time goes by your mutual trust starts to grow with your relationship. Before you know it, they make an invitation that makes you believe that maybe things aren’t so casual. They take you to meet their… dog! As an animal lover, it’s difficult to form lasting relationships with someone who isn't as passionate about animals and their welfare as you. When you’re dating a dog lover, there are a number of benefits that come with the territory. For instance… They cheer you up when you’re feeling down Coming home to an empty place after a bad day at work or receiving some bad news can feel heartbreaking. Even if your new beau is with you, they may not be able to find the words to console you. But their dog… their dog just gets you. When that muzzle falls into your lap and their big brown eyes start staring at you, all your cares suddenly melt away. Pet therapy has a range of health and emotional benefits that even skilled professionals sometimes fail to match. You have a great reason to visit, even if they’re not in your best books Even in the honeymoon period of your relationship, you’re likely to have arguments. And when they invite you over, you’d be reticent to say “yes”... were it not for their four legged roomie! Their beloved pooch gives you a great reason to visit even if you’re not in the best mood with the human if the house. You’re never short of gift ideas Some partners can be a real head-scratcher when it comes to choosing great gifts for birthdays, festive occasions or those days when you just feel like showing them how much you love them. Not so for dog lovers! Wherever there’s a beloved pet, there’s always a cute, clever or inventive gift idea. Even for lesser known breeds. Just take a look at these beautiful Cockapoo themed gifts. Or these exquisite 3D printed pooches! It gives you a great excuse to get outdoors A sedentary lifestyle is not only bad for your body, it’s also a burden on your mind. Spending time in the great outdoors, however, can be a huge boost to your mood as well as helping you to live a little healthier. But when you don’t have a four legged companion, it can be hard to find the motivation to step outside. But when you’re dating dog lover, there’s always a reason to stay motivated for walkies! You know that they’re capable of true love and selflessness Finally, if someone has let a dog into their home, it’s because they are a loving, compassionate, selfless and sensitive soul who’s capable of putting others needs first and making sacrifices for them. And those are all signs that you’ve found someone mature and emotionally intelligent enough for a great relationship.

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