Taste of Thailand in Edinburgh

I love oriental foods – who doesn’t? From deliciously spicy, to scrumptiously creamy and a melodic mixture of herbs, producing incredible curries which play with your taste buds. Recently I was invited to a Zomato event to indulge in a lovely Thai cuisine in Stockbridge, Edinburgh. Siam Restaurant & Bar. A hidden Gem. This Thai-tastic restaurant and bar is a family run, authentic Thai food establishment. The whole experience was tasteful, comfortable and the staff were amazing, always at hand – just at the right moment. I started with a platter of mixed fish, such as calamari, scallops, which had been brought in at 5PM from Leith harbour, fresh from the sea, along with prawns, served with delicious spicy sauces. The selection to treats went down so well, fitting in well with the whole atmosphere of the table display and décor. where we indulged in some fine red and white wines, served in large glasses. I ordered the salmon curry, which came with a small side dish of rice perfectly prepared, not too hot, just perfect I had the option to choose my level of spiciness, which I really appreciated as not everybody likes really spicy food. The staff were lovely and very accommodating, continually ensuring that we were comfortable, had enough to drink and with each course, gave us a small insight into what we were about to experience. For a moment all my Asian memories came back which excited my taste buds. The whole experience brought back so many happy thoughts – just imagine - a night in Thailand, but in Edinburgh! It was the best of both worlds for one evening! The whole evening was filled with laughter, amazing tastes and dreams of Thailand… Oh how I miss it! Great place for a fun gathering, travel buddies reunion and date dinners! You feel so welcomed, so privileged and the food is Thai-tastically cooked and made to your perfection! Siam Restaurant & Bar.

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