Summer Succulent Cocktails

When the sun is out and all you feel like doing is sitting outside with a nice glass of some form of punch or cocktail in your hand, here is the list of a few must tries which I've tried super easy simple and ever so refreshing, from people I follow and they're amazing treats you must try to check out their portfolio for further recipes! 1. Raspberry Mojito Via - Raspberry Mojito - via @recipespantry 2. Mango and blackberry vodka cooler Via -I thought you'd like the ideas this person's been saving on Pinterest... 3. Raspberry and lemon drop martini Via - 4. Champagne floats Via - 5. Raspberry and pomegranate Rose summer cocktail Via - 6. Blackberry punch frozen daiquiri Via - 7. Lemonade Prosecco punch Via - 8. Blueberry gin sour Via - 9. Mint and passion fruit punch Via - 10. Lemon vodka slush Via - There you have it top-10 summer cocktails you need to try give it a go and let me know what your favourite was!

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