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I interviewed this awesome Scottish band a few months back and WOW have they got a lot thats been going on. (PREVIOUS ARTICLE HERE) Here is a little update from the band themselves. "As you know, we released 'Arguments' in February 2015 which included five singles. Need The Rush is our ninth single and the fourth release 'post Arguments'. The material we released following Arguments - 'Shut Up I'm On It!', 'Big Ideas' and 'A Certain Shade of Red' were recorded in different ways from each other and from what we had done before and saw us take a bit of a different (and we like to think more collaborative) approach to our writing and we love the way they turned out and where they have taken us. We have pretty much been writing constantly for the last two years whilst releasing new material and continuing to play live wherever and whenever possible. We think we have kept a lot of the good traits from Arguments whilst managing to 'hone' our sound a little more and hopefully sound better as a band both on record and live." Towards the end of last year we decided to try a different approach again to our recording and started working with Bruce Rintoul at 45 Aside Studios who's been involved in tonnes of great recordings and releases in the last 5-10 years. We have a decent body of work recorded with Bruce with more in the pipeline and we are confident this will become Album number 2, perhaps with an EP in the very short to immediate term. 'Need The Rush' was the second song we recorded as part of these sessions and the first we are releasing. We are delighted with all of the tracks and this has gone down well so far, Alex Baker at Kerrang! Radio has had exclusive airplay throughout February and the single was released Friday 3rd March. It is available from all major digital distributors Inc. ITunes, googleplay, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and also streaming at Sound Cloud and YouTube." In terms of the spirit and meaning to the song...John Allan (Vocals & Lyricist) said (via WhatsApp) "'Need the rush' is a self help guide to those with the fear. We all get it, and the verses were written as a way of trying to make sense of it all. It's about second guessing everything you do, and giving yourself a hard time... but then a moment triggering all that to vanish. You become care free again. I can't look... Until Friday comes, and I'm invincible xx It deals with the devil and angel on your shoulder. We all do things we regret, but what if we needed them to happen? What if our subconscious really needed that to happen. Now your conscious self is beating you up about it. It's about the big balance. Giving yourself a break and rolling with the punches xx" As always, the video was filmed, directed and produced completely between the four of us, within one day of filming - the genius of the concept and the execution really comes down to Michael McCrossan (our drummer). Him and Chris (Bass) are insanely talented behind a camera and have great vision for producing really cool stuff. Mike came up with the idea, told us what to do and then came back within a few weeks with this absolute masterstroke of a video. On the concept of the video Mike says: 'It was something I was keen to do for a few reasons, we all live our lives out so much on Facebook and Social Media today that I thought it would be really cool to do something like this and almost see it within itself/out with itself as a 'third person' type view - does that even make sense? Also, as John says, the song is about dealing with the devil and angel and the sometimes regret or fear associated with your actions haha, in all honesty I think the way we depend on social media effects that...everything is instantly captured, shared, published and visible for everyone to see and judge, often out of context or from someone elses perspective completely out with your control so there is a nice link back to that.' It's another really cool concept for a video and different from what we've done before - probably different from anything anyone's released before as a music video and it's great!' Interesting story...we had a morning and afternoon session booked in the photography studio which was punctuated by someone else using the studio for three hours in between our sessions. We were right across from a LaserQuest so we went in there for a game and beat two other teams, mainly of kids, in a tremendous battle! Then went back and finished filming. (Picture of LaserQuest attached, we were the red team in the leader board.There are a few snippets of mobile footage from the laser quest session in the video) In terms of what we have coming up next...we have our first festival announcements in the next few weeks ahead of our first ever trip to London as a band...headlining a cool night at The Black Heart in Camden (Friday 12th May). We also have a Glasgow show on 5th May at The Garage (Attic Bar) and a tour in the process of being booked for early summer. Meanwhile we have new songs being finished and other sessions booked back in the studio to get on with more new recordings! Very exciting!" There you have it from the band! Super exciting stuff, be sure to check out whats happening on their social media pages! Even a wee hello, keep a eye out! They are going places!

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