Skinny Larger Brand Brings Braw Blogger Events Something Tasty!

We have just under a month now until we bring our Instagram event together which will be hosted on the 5th of April (Whitespace - Edinburgh) from 5pm when doors were open to 10 PM. We were so excited to have Skinny Brand support us again. Back in June 2017 they helped support our first ever event supplying some of their Skinny Brand cocktails including Margaritas , Sex on the Beach and Cosmopolitans. The company is specialised in producing a perfect range of skinny alcoholic alternatives. They went down such a treat and we can’t wait to bring them back for this next upcoming event (INSTAGRAM) They will be supplying some of their recently put on the market lager, which we can’t wait to share with our guests. EDINBURGH food school and wineThe evening will involve food provided by supplying canapés as well as other goodies that will be available followed by a workshop on "Instagram" from beginners to intermediate, along with an open bar and fun games and entertainment. A real great chance to network with EDINBURGH’s Instagram is and top brands that focus deeply on the world of Instagram. Tickets are still available be sure to get them we only got limited space things you can find the tickets just here.

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