Sing Your Confidence Out!

So you want to be a singer? Well you are at the right place! Meet Janet, a singer, vocal coach and a founder of "The Confident Singer" Youtube channel. "I've created a video for singers about how to deal (in this case talk to) with fear. It has an artistic and acting base story telling that I think your audience would find very useful. " - Janet Her journey of overcoming low-self esteem when it comes to performing gave me a heart to encourage singers who are still driven by fear, who don’t live out their potential. All these years of tutoring she has seen the same things and same traps, same broken mindsets. And that is just heartbreaking. She wants to see braver and happier artists in the world. Her work is amazing, check out some of her videos! We would love to hear your confident voice! Send over some of your stuff! 1 easy step to GET RID OF FEAR Sing Your Heart Out

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