Simple Tips For Self-Love and Personal Growth

Growth can mean many things. It can be the process of learning new skills that will help us at the workplace. It also entails becoming a better human being. Even if perfection is unachievable, and we will always make mistakes, there are still ways to make our own lives better and more fruitful. Here are some of them. Trying New Foods Whether it's a glass of Vietnamese snake wine, some Scottish Haggis, or a spoonful of sweet chili or spicy bagoong to complement a plate of Filipino garlic fried rice, food is not only about experiencing different tastes and getting to know what you like and don't like. It's also about giving yourself the chance to understand and learn from different cultures. It's an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and see the world through the eyes of others. After all, few things say more about your habits, family life, and general upbringing than the food you eat. And you will never know the many edible wonders that exist out there if you are not willing to give them a try. A Personal Journey No matter who you are or what you do, there will always be someone who does it better. By the same token, you will also never be the worst. As such, it is not only useless but also counterproductive to compare yourself to others and envy them for the position you think they are in. Remember, you don't know the specific circumstances of their journey. A happy, successful, positive facade is often different from reality and doesn't rightfully represent the many struggles that all of us are going through at any moment in our lives. If you have not figured it out yet, life is full of ups and downs and what you are experiencing today is not necessarily the same as what you will see tomorrow. Gradual Improvement Losing 20 pounds in two weeks is neither achievable nor realistic. In fact, it might be both dangerous and reckless to even try it. Yet, for one reason or another, most of us like to set goals that are far beyond our reach. And when we cannot achieve them, we punish ourselves and blame our failures on a lack of discipline, commitment, mental fortitude, or physical strength. What we must understand is that where we are is where we are. It most likely didn't take us a short time to get here, and it won't take a short time to get out either. But that doesn't mean we cannot begin. It doesn't mean we cannot lay the foundation for gradual improvement and set short-term objectives to guide us along the way. The Power of Forgiveness When asked about forgiveness, American author Caroline Myss responded by saying, "By far the strongest poison to the human spirit is the inability to forgive oneself or another person. Forgiveness is no longer an option but a necessity for healing." A human being in most developed countries will live close to 80 years. In this length of time, it is statistically impossible for you not to encounter someone who will do you wrong. Of course, some things are worse than others. If your best friend betrays you, it will be much more difficult to forgive and forget than if a stranger borrows a pen from you and doesn't give it back. But the most difficult thing of all is to forgive yourself, to grant yourself another chance. Yet it is the most important one, the one that will allow you to move forward and make better of your life. Smart Risk-Taking If you are a man, getting into a fight with a trained mixed martial artist to prove your manhood to a pretty girl is not a risk. Neither is jumping into a pool of shark-infested waters, especially if there is a small cut on your body and you happen to be bleeding. In all honesty, they are both acts of stupidity and brainlessness. If the outcome is nothing short of guaranteed, there is no risk in the action taken. Risk entails there being at least two options, albeit with different probabilities of coming to fruition. And if smart risk-taking is what you want to engage in, the reward must be something that will either make you grow as a human being or bring you happiness. Don't forget doing things simply to do them or to impress others achieves neither. Five simple yet effective tips to loving yourself more and growing as a human being are eating different foods, focusing on yourself, taking steps to improve little by little, exercising forgiveness, and knowing when and what risks to take. We all have one chance at life. So let us make the best of it, one day at a time.

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