Seedlip Supports Braw Blogger Podcasting 101 Event

Braw Blogger Events had a spectacular podcasting 101 events which was geared towards training newbies and businessmen on the importance of podcasts in attracting customers, standing out amongst competitors and, starting and maintaining a successful podcast. Seedlip Cocktails was also a major supporter of this event providing drinks to nourish all attendees. Podcast 101 was a big success and it was partly due to the support and love shown it. Attendees left satisfied knowing how to plan their business utilizing podcasts. Being a fun and interactive event a lot of practical aspects of podcasting was shown through excellent demonstrations which showed the importance of podcasting and how helpful it can be to startups. Activities were also carried out with the technical areas of podcasting simplified for newbies. As a fun event and to avoid boring the audience, light refreshment and entertainment was also made available. One of the supporters of the event; Seedlip Cocktails was a part of the programme keeping the participants refreshed and nourished with their non-alcoholic and nutritious cocktail drinks. Seedlip Cocktails started with the need to change the pattern of drinking of people. It was geared towards replacing the normal day to day addiction to lime & soda, sugary carbonated drinks and even the fruit juice based drinks. Seedlip was born out of the desire to provide non-alcoholic drinks to people through the combination of family heritage, love for nature, and some old family recipes. At the podcast 101 event where information on how podcasts would help a business and also how to integrate it into the business content and marketing strategy was discussed, Seedlip supported it with a Spice and Tonic bottle from their Spice 94 flavor set. The Spice and Tonic bottles ingredient was composed of a Highball with a Red Grapefruit Twist. It was non-alcoholic with no artificial sweeteners and was an energy booster during the event. They also sent a Garden & Tonic which is borne from the Garden 108 flavor. It consists of a floral blend of quality hay and peas. These nutritious and fibre packed drink helped the audience stay alert during the event. The event helped a lot of people understand the power of podcast for businesses and in its branding. It was an insightful event with training on picking the appropriate type of podcast suitable for individuals and how to set up, record and launch the podcast. With rave reviews from podcast experts it was an experience of a lifetime. RECIPES HERE!

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