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I just love doing interviews with inspiring and motivated professionals, for a few weeks I have had this one interview in mind, which I could barely wait for - the Scottish actor Bobby Robertson. Grabbing the juice behind the scenes of a recently completed feature film “Bridal Fever”, Bobby has a very busy life juggling family, friends and film roles. “I feel I have struck gold; the director of “Bridal Fever” is absolutely fantastic.” Doing interviews in Edinburgh can go one or two ways, a coffee, cake and a little natter, or a pint and a packet of crisps. I think you can all guess that we went with the more Scottish traditional route, minus mince and tatties. We met in the warm and cosy traditional pub, Doctors on Forrest Road, with a shandy, hit music on the blare with Christmas vibes and mulled wine at the ready. “Flux is due to be out next to you hopefully soon. A fantastic film to work on and the cast was amazing. It was a very large ambitious cast so you can imagine all of us working together and it came together so perfectly. Tony the director was absolutely phenomenal.” - Bobby Robertson Sitting with Bobby, we just jumped straight into convo, with topics ranging from locations of films to inside jokes and the theatrical teen dream inspiration. My acting dream hasn’t taken off yet, but we have a fantastic success story here. Bobby has had a whirlwind of adventures when it comes to his acting career. He is diligent, driven and dedicated. Talking about his latest film “Bridal Fever”, which is directed by Hayley Mclnline, has recently launched its sneak peak trailer, which has hit the social media world big time. Bridal Fever Official Trailer 1 This feature film which will premiere in 2017, (date is yet to be determined) is definitely keeping people on the edge of their seats. This suspenseful horror is a supernatural, paranormal activity film, which meets the real life scenes of an abandoned place, which is so serene and calming with an evil spirit presence, creating an eerie unknown atmosphere. Hi Bobby, it’s great to see you again. I can’t wait to hear all about your new films. Let’s start by talking about Flux and your character? “Hi Jadine, thanks for meeting me. Flux is about a guy called Alex played by James Robson, who goes in and out of time in the past, future, alternate times and scenario times (Zombie Apocalypse, Clown World) and I am in the spy scene in a casino as an Aussie Playboy Nolan. It’s such an interesting film about a guy who goes back in time. He fluxes between different eras, such as from medieval times to zombie apocalypses. I had a lot of fun being creative and contributing my own ideas.” The different characters and people you are portraying, what would you say is the most challenging character you've ever had to play? “Oh I don't know, that's a difficult one. I guess if I have to choose one of the most challenging and hardest characters it would probably have to be from “Flux”. I was playing an Aussie Playboy.” From a Scottie to an Aussie accent, how did you manage that? “It's interesting… when you go to different countries you somehow pick up the language (of course there isn’t always time for method acting). A lot of it is just from watching movies or things on YouTube - you would be surprised how much you can learn. Tony the director of Flux said he was very keen on me to have a specific Australian accent, so there I am researching Wentworth, Wolf Creek and top Australian films to really nail down the voice. One tip I found very useful was recording myself and listening back to it - that really helps.” One thing a lot of readers are also interested in, is do you have a specific character that you enjoy playing? “I’ve played the funny guy, angry, romantic, etc. I've always wanted to be the kind of Clint Eastwood actor. I like his roles and choice of characters. My ultimate hero is Harrison Ford. When I was a small boy I really admired and took his passion for acting on board which is where I get a lot of my enthusiasm from.” Tell us about how you got into acting? Are you very much one for being in front of a camera or being in front of a live audience? “Again a bit of both. When I was younger I used to go to the theatre school called Dr. Bells. It was in Leith, Edinburgh. It would involve a lot of creativity, improvisation and movement to really express yourself physically. I always knew I had something to motivate me to be in this industry.” What was it that inspired you to follow this career path? “Well, when I was 15 I went to the Queen Margaret College, Edinburgh to study drama. Now things have changed slightly compared to what they were like back in the day where…(chuckles). It is slightly naughty of me, but I really wanted to get into this industry and continue to act my way through. They thought I was older than I was, which obviously didn't go as I had hoped in the end. Lying about your age and being caught out wasn’t part of the plan, but at least I tried! I was there for about three months.” Oh no… were your family and friends very supportive about you and your ambition to become an actor? “Its not that they didn’t support me they just wanted me to have a steady job. My mum was a cleaner and dad was an docker. After everything at Queen Margaret College and my dad found out, I had to go back to high school and get a proper qualification to get a real job. It was just back in the day the way they grew up, things have changed a lot today in terms of lifestyle.” You keep going no matter what. It must be extremely motivating. “Things have really taken off in the last couple of months. After getting the part in “Bridal Fever” I've been having opportunities left right and centre, which has been absolutely fantastic. With getting involved with The Film Industry Scotland, there are so many exciting opportunities ahead. They are hosting a Christmas event on 17 December in Glasgow. It’s a chance for new Scottish produced films to get a sneak preview, as well as a fantastic opportunity to network with directors and casting crew, so it's going to be pretty big.” That’s really great to get your name out even further, which brings me onto the topic of Bobby Robertson. Is this your real name or is it your acting name? “It is indeed my real name (chuckles). I have had thoughts about potentially changing it but it does go pretty well doesn't it?” Your fans would really like to know if you have any ambition to take your career elsewhere like London or abroad. “Honestly I'm really happy staying here in Edinburgh. I've been here my whole life, obviously if things were to change in terms of projects for anything short-term, then I would be up for that. You find a lot of people going down to London unable to afford a place to stay, trying to find work, when you really need to know where to go and it’s all about who you know. I really think “Bridal Fever” is going to do absolutely fantastic next year. It was so much fun being part of it, just like a massive family - we called it the “Fever Family.” A little bit more about the lengths you go, if asked to shave your head, etc. would you do it? “Yeah I did it before. Got certificates and also for sword fighting and horse riding. Way to bump up your skills!” Tell us a bit more about starting off in this industry? How did you go about finding an agent? “A lot of it was through word-of-mouth and small ads here and there. You would be surprised how things turn out if you're in the right place at the right time. Also being in a small city word travels fast, it’s about keeping your eyes open as well as being open for any opportunities, you can’t afford to be picky at the start.” Now, a question a lot of readers love to know is if you support any charities… “I support many animal charities around Scotland. One thing I hate is anything to do with cruelty to animals. It breaks my heart and this is probably one of my downfalls as I'm very much one of these people who easily gets pulled into these charities. Edinburgh Cat and Dog Home, WWF, EDFC. Any charities for animals that need support and help to prevent them from being put down and ensuring that the animals get the treatment and support they need.” One of the hardest things that a lot of people struggle with in this industry is balancing relationships, family, friends, work. How do you manage to juggle it all? “I think it was harder when I was back in my 20’s compared to now. You do have that pressure of finding a good balanced life, having kids, creating a family. But unfortunately it didn't work out like that for me. I was very focused on getting my acting sorted, that has given me the opportunity to really experience and take this time to totally focus on my acting career, which I probably wouldn't have been able to do otherwise. As for friends and family, it’s just like any job, you balance everything equally at the end of the day, the older you get the more you learn your true supporting friends. So it’s not a hassle it’s a pleasure.” But you know life is still young and look what you've created for yourself. It's a really impressive journey you've been on! To finish off, have you got any exciting news or projects coming up that you're allowed to talk about? “At the moment a few things are a little bit up in the air. I do have a few things down in London, which will be quite exciting. Definitely positive for my career, which is great! I just have this feeling that 2017 is going to be a fantastic year!” Well if anyone, you definitely deserve it! I shall be there supporting you no matter what! Fantastic interview with Bobby, be sure to check out his upcoming moments and events, and don’t forget about his active tweets and creative roles! Check out his pages

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