Reducing the Risks of Developing Type 2 Diabetes

If your doctor has informed you that you have prediabetes, don't think you should start feeling desperate. That is the moment to turn your life around and prevent type 2 diabetes from developing. It's not too late to change some things in your lifestyle. Even if it's in your family's medical history, it doesn't necessarily mean you'll develop type 2 diabetes if you take certain steps. The most important things are to focus on your diet and regular physical activity. The following changes in your lifestyle will come a long way in preventing this serious disease from developing. Your diet Taking care of your diet means paying attention to what you eat how much you eat. It's necessary to understand why certain foods are necessary and why some others should be avoided at all costs. Reduce your Portions First, focus on the size of your portions. Instead of a whole bagel eat only half of it. Instead of a big hamburger, opt for a smaller one. Another trick is to drink a large glass of water some 10 minutes before you eat. It will make you feel less hungry. Also, use child-size forks, spoons, and knives. It will make you take smaller bites. By using a breakfast plate for your meal, you'll create an impression you're eating more. It is also very important to eat slowly. Our stomach needs some 20 minutes to figure out it's full, so make sure you haven't already eaten too much before you realize it's enough. Lastly, don't watch TV when you eat (people tend to eat more then). Instead, listen to music. Food Quality First of all, reduce or cut out saturated and trans fats from your diet. Instead, eat more fruit and vegetables, but also foods rich in fiber. Salt is also something you should reduce significantly, as well as fast food and processed food. Meals that are really easy to prepare (ready-made meals) are those which are full of salt and fat. It's healthier to prepare your own food, using fresh ingredients. Next thing you should reduce is alcohol intake. Alcohol increases your triglyceride levels and blood pressure and makes you gain weight. If you are a woman, one drink a day is enough, while men can handle two standard drinks. Dietary Tips When you go shopping, make sure you buy various types of vegetables to use them as veggie toppings. You could also buy low-salt canned and frozen vegetables, as they last longer and cost less. Every time you cook, use less butter and oil and bake with non-stick spray. Meat like smoked turkey or turkey bacon should be cooked in smaller amounts because they are rich in salt. Next, better use a mix of spices instead of salt and choose brown rice over white rice. The Importance of Controlling Your Weight It has been proven that the development of type 2 diabetes starts with insulin resistance. And insulin resistance is a direct result of excess weight. However, it's not that simple for all overweight people to get rid of the excess weight. For some, a gastric sleeve surgery procedure is what will break insulin resistance, thus preventing the development of type 2 diabetes. This type of procedure can help non-diabetic patients to avoid type 2 diabetes from appearing. In short, in most cases, excess weight or obesity have been the main reason why type 2 diabetes developed. This is why you should do your best to control your weight through a healthy diet and regular exercise. Regular Physical Activity You need to be physically active in some way every single day. You need at least 30 minutes of some form of physical activity even if it's as simple as walking. Walking is the easiest way to start being active and becoming accustomed to it. You can do so many things while you walk. Bike riding is yet another physical activity that isn't too hard and allows you to have a company. Swimming and dancing are also mild forms of exercise you could try - they enhance your mood and help you decompress. Use the vicinity of parks in your town, as well as walking areas - appoint at least one day of the week when you take a walk there. It's smart to use every opportunity you have to get active. For instance, take a walk with a friend of yours instead of talking to them on the phone. Choose to deliver something in person by actually going there on foot. Use stairs instead of elevators. Don't use your car for shorter trips - instead, opt for a bike or walk there. Whenever you hear a song on the radio you enjoy, dance to it. Try to have family sporting events and competitions - you'll have great fun and do something good for your body. Monitoring yourself It is necessary to regularly monitor your health, especially when it comes to your risk of diabetes. You can take the risk assessment test available in your country. If your score indicates you're at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes, then you should probably enter a program that helps you modify your lifestyle. It is better at that point to have the support of professionals who can answer all of your questions and give precise advice. You should also control your blood pressure regularly. If you exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight through diet, you will probably have no problems with your blood pressure. However, some people will still have to get prescriptions from their doctor in order to control their blood pressure. A regular overall check-up is also highly important. As you get older, regular check-ups could be crucial. You need to monitor your blood glucose and blood cholesterol levels as well. Final words Having prediabetes diagnosed is not the end of the world. It is a warning that you can and should do something about your lifestyle. Type 2 diabetes is not unavoidable. All it takes is a strong will and some healthy choices. If you really take care of yourself on every level, there are high chances you will stay away from this disease.

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