Punk Rock Wedding Guest

Almost 2 years ago today, I was attending at my boyfriends friends wedding In Surrey, England but the question is what to wear…? I always like being a little bit different every time I go shopping I never seem to find something I really feel, unless it's an inspirational designer or something that is bringing in the big bucks. Which lets all be honest, I don’t have. I do you love my random little balance when it comes to fashion my big shoes and my punk rock kind of tattoo style outfit. Where can I find something like that, I ended up designing my own garment for the event. Which started off as a dress just with a couple of mixtures of netting, I than started like the look of a tutu skirt, little bit of cotton and I just kept popping it up with pink lace to give it that volume underneath I added a little pink skull just to give that little exclusive twist. Simple, easy-going and altered and I wore it with a cut pair of New Look black smart heels, but then changed into my pink Vans halfway through when we were dancing. Various people kept asking about my skirt, the idea of it, where I got it from and use of materials, just because you make something yourself doesn’t mean its going to collapse and fall apart mid walk. To this day this outfit is always one of my musts, even for an event or nice day at the theatre, you can be surprised what can get pulled together by a bit of thread and material.

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The Punk Rock Princess -Edinburgh/Scotland/Malta