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Again, we are back with the list of some wonderful collection that we believe should be part of your wardrobe. Firstly, because it is stylish and we want you to have it. Secondly, the collection that we are sharing is comfortable, so you’ll love to wear. In addition, it is our priority to bring in the best in town for you. So, without creating anymore, the element of surprise, let’s get straight to the point and discuss the dresses that we have in the collection for you. 1.White Satin Open Back Crop Top The open back of the crop top is the main element that this attire has in special for you. You can definitely portray a glamorous look with this top on. Additionally, the use of satin in creating this top is to give a luxurious look that you’ll actually feel while wearing it. White Satin Open Back Crop Top is half-sleeved, keeping it casual. So, as a whole, you can expect a perfect look from it. Combine it with your black jeans and create a complete dress out of it. You can even find some of the other options to pair with this top from the Femme Luxe Finery collection. 2.Black Satin Ruched Side Slip Dress: Want to be the hot chick of the party? Black Satin Ruched Side Slip Dress is going to cover you for that. Firstly, the black outfit gives you the class and luxury that you could be looking for to portray in a party. At the same time, the slit and the overall shape of the dress is something that will make you look sexy. Just purchase this dress, wear your black pencil heels with it and carry a mini bag, and you are all set to rock the party. 3.Wine PU Cupped Corset Bodycon Mini Dress: One thing that you’ll absolutely love in this dress is its color. It is literally wine in color. Moreover, the cupped bodice is an element that makes Wine PU Cupped Corset Bodycon Mini Dress unique. You just need to wear long heels with this dress, and you are ready to go. Comfortable, stylish, and adorable, what else would you want from your dress. 4.Black Lace Long Sleeve Plunge Bodysuit: If you want to look unique on your night out with friends, then Black Lace Long Sleeve Plunge Bodysuit is your thing. Plunged neck and lace-made, this bodysuit is going to be a beautiful addition to your wardrobe. Pair it with blue jeans, and you have the guarantee from the Scottish blogger that you’ll definitely be looking superb. The collection that we have shared with you is the part of the Malta fashion and has a definite thumb up from the Scottish blogger. The purpose of sharing these trendy dresses is to show where the fashion line is heading and become an influencer so that you can have access to the trendy fashion. #FemmeLuxeGal

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