One Tree Hill VS The O.C.

​Who remembers these teen dramas, both starting in 2003, it was always having to choose whether you were all about the Mirisa and Ryan or Luke and Payton. Both shows are pretty much identical from high school students, teen love triangles, patronising parents and pill popping. These might seen like the same kind of story lines... Over 10 years since these shows aired, I still can't help but re watch the series over and over again. Now what was you tv crave? 1. They both had top lead hotties everyone wanted to date with a bad boy husky side... THE OC Ryan Atwood aka Ben Mckenzie ONE TREE HILL Chad Michael Murray aka Lucas Scott 2. Not to mention the geeks we just love! THE OC Adam Brody playing the awesome Seth Cohan. ONE TREE HILL Haley James (Scott) aka Bethany Joy Lenz. 3. Shocking deaths that left us speechless.. THE OC Mischa Barton playing Marisa Cooper dies in a car accident. ONE TREE HILL Dan Scott shoots his brother Keith Scott in the school. 4. Gun dramas! THE OC Luke is at a house party when a friend of Ryans pulls a gun out... what happens next is a shock! ONE TREE HILL Chase's ex wife passed away and an imposter looking like her decided to make his life hard without her in it... 5. Fashion inspiration divas THE OC These two OC girls, love the high class shopping and fashion shows. ONE TREE HILL Brooke started her own fashion label at high school which boosted her creative career of "Clothes Over Bro". 6. Unexpected couples (Which we LOVE) THE OC Taylor and Ryan, she's had her eye on him since day one, season 4 they officially get it on! ONE TREE HILL Hayley and Nathan, starting off tutoring the joke innocent Hayley didn't want to betray her trust with best friend Lucas Scott. But teaching turned into tingles. 7. The evil parent THE OC Marissa's mother Julie Cooper Nichol. Wanting whats best for her daughter but also a self centered upper class lady with her eye on the money and spas. ONE TREE HILL Dan Scott, having basketball on his mind impregnating two women and selfish. He is the top of the evil parents. 8.There is always a bar/club where they all gather for more drama.. THE OC The bait shop, where all the bands such as, The Roonies, Death Cab for Cutie and much more... ONE TREE HILL Welcome to Tric, a club venue that was started with Karen (Scotts mother) and Peyton, to bring new talent and up and coming talent to Tree Hill . 9. The cheating scandals THE OC Julie is married to Caleb but starts an affair with her ex husband... ONE TREE HILL Brooke and Scott were dating (Which we loved!) Until he went behind her back and had a moment of ongoing feelings for Peyton and things got heated... 10. The lying friend.... (Stalker) THE OC Oliver Trask, Marisa met him in therapy, clearly meeting someone in the situation didn't work out too great... he ended up falling for her, deeply. Affecting marisas friendships and relationship with Ryan. ONE TREE HILL Derk, Peytons (Thought brother) Turned out to be a stalker who followed her chanel... 11. The secret sibling dramas THE OC Lindsay Wheeler Gardner is the half-sister of Kirsten Cohen and Hailey Nichol and the love-child of Caleb Nichol from an affair with his secretary, Renee Wheeler. She began a romantic relationship with Ryan Atwood before the truth was revealed. She also once went on a date with her soon to be half-nephew Seth Cohen. ONE TREE HILL Peytons real brother after the whole Deryk situation, Derek Sommers was a US Marine and the half-brother of Peyton Sawyer. He helped her overcome her feelings regarding her attack by Iain Banks, who posed as him in order to gain her trust. He eventually forced Peyton to deal with her problems and the two formed a close relationship despite his sudden departure when his duties as a marine called him away from Tree Hill. 12. Going off the rails THE OC From stealing, skipping school, anti social drinking and overdose... need i say more. First, Marissa's father, Jimmy Cooper, was caught committing fraud and eventually went bankrupt. Later, Marissa discovered that her boyfriend, Luke Ward, was cheating on her. During this time, she began to abuse drugs and alcohol and collapsed while she, Summer Roberts, Ryan and Seth Cohen were on a trip to Tijuana. ONE TREE HILL Nathan was at the top of his game with basketball and massive contracts. Until he got into a fight which involved him being flung out through a window, making him wheelchair bound... 13. The fame game, rising stars and talent troubles. THE OC Seth Cohan starts his life with his comic books and publishers. ONE TREE HILL Halo - Hayley James Scott Haley decides to follow her dreams and leaves on tour with Chris, leaving Nathan behind. her first priority is always her family. She did, however, have her own dreams to follow and wanted to pursue her music interests, but found it difficult to balance being a mother to her children and following her dreams, as well as her husband's life and constantly changing careers and moving. 14. unexpected pregnancies THE OC Ryan, who has a dysfunctional family, went back to Chino to ensure the baby has a normal family. Ryan worked construction and lived with Theresa in Chino as they prepared for the baby, but Theresa felt something amiss. ONE TREE HILL Hayley and Scott have a baby! Haley finds out that Nathan has been accepted into Duke as Haley reveals that she is pregnant. 15. The hot romantic kiss scenes THE OC New Years and Marisa is at Oliver's penthouse, having had an argument with Marisa Ryan decides to not attend, till something changes his mind with the romantic countdown... ONE TREE HILL Lucas realizes Peyton is the one... 16. Always one ditzy girl with an attitude we just love though! THE OC ONE TREE HILL 17. The randomly funny character that pops up now and again THE OC Che... AKA Chris Pratt playing the funny hippie college student. ONE TREE HILL Good old Skills, his laughable lines and chilled times. 18. There is always a rabbit! THE OC Meet Pancakes The Bunny Summer saved from the science lab. ONE TREE HILL 19. Super heartbreaking moments that makes us think about our love life... THE OC Seth displaying his love for summer. ONE TREE HILL Brooke and Lucas. 20. Always that spoiled slutty sister. THE OC ONE TREE HILL 22. Artist decorating/ painting... THE OC ONE TREE HILL 23. Band prompting THE OC Death Cab For Cutie ONE TREE HILL Jack's Mannequin - Mixtape 24. Lots of cat fights THE OC ONE TREE HILL 25. Lots of boy fights THE OC ONE TREE HILL 26. Always some sort of symbol toy....or accessory THE OC ONE TREE HILL 27. Always the really nice single parent THE OC Summer and her Dad Dr Roberts. ONE TREE HILL Karen Lucas Scotts mother, raised as a single mum. 28. Friends always move in together THE OC ONE TREE HILL 30. Someone always leaves.... THE OC ONE TREE HILL 31. Always some girl boxing THE OC ONE TREE HILL 32. Always a road trip THE OC ONE TREE HILL 34. Always a mega shocking gone too soon funeral THE OC Caleb dies of a heart attack. ONE TREE HILL Quinten dies from a gunshot. 35. The stunning girl partners THE OC Marisa and Alex ONE TREE HILL 36. They both love their tequila THE OC Marisa on a bender in Mexico ONE TREE HILL Always the Tequila!

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