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It has been a few years I've known the talented and supermum Podcaster/ blogger and newly author Mummy Jojo, attending our first event in 2017 to being on our panels at conferences, Jojo has come a long way and wow is her story amazing, I was lucky enough to get a few hours to pick her brain on the ins and outs of being a full-time mum, her crazy hectic lifestyle taking off and what's coming up next for 2019! Being a Scottish Blogger I was super excited to hear her updates and tips! Hello Jojo, you have been so busy mind telling us what projects are you currently working on? "My next book so I’m constantly researching, writing, collaborating and having lots of fun with new content and stories that will make people laugh, nod or feel that pang of emotion. I’m looking for ‘me too’ and ‘yes!!!!’ moments. My first book was described as a warm hug and now it’s time to elevate to a full day spooning session. One of my favourite compliments about my first book, time for a mojo injection, is that the words describe what people are thinking and trying to say but can’t articulate. " I love that "warm hug", there have been so many great reviews you must be so happy! Tell us about your book,(Time for a mojo injection) what was it that made you want to write it? "I wanted to ensure all the mistakes I have made could be put to good use to help the mojo and well-being of others. I’ve always wanted to write and it finally felt right the perfect time. I love connecting with people via my words. I’m so passionate about the topics I write about." Any tips of aspiring authors/ bloggers wanting to take the journalistic/writer route? "Keep writing and improving. Put in the hours and offer to provide content for free. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with people you admire. Tell the imposter syndrome to pipe down. Our ego can really hold us back. Rejection is part of the game. " Ah, the "FREE" is what helps a lot! What is the meaning and thought behind your name? "Time for a mojo injection- because stuff like Botox isn’t helping the well-being of our nation. We need this kind of stuff and to know it’s helping is the best feeling️." That is so creative, I like that! You write a lot and speak about health and depression, there is so much about depression going around and it's so hard for some people to open up about, how did you feel expressing your personal stories? "I felt a sense of urgency on this because these are the conversations we need to have. Of course, it’s not easy but it’s always worth it. Being in the social light, how do you deal with navigate commenters? (That's if you have any!!) "It’s taken a bit of time and a lot of experience but connecting with kindness. I used to say kill with kindness but I no longer like that, killing isn’t nice. " Podcast - Mummy Jojo UNCUT - Mojo injection This is very true, I think more people should be more aware and open, why did you want to start your blog? "To inspire the world and have something for my kids to have." If there is one piece of advice you would give to an upcoming blogger or author what would it be? "Don’t let rejection kill your connection to yourself, others and your work. You got this and if you love it and you can help people then perfect." What's one thing you think every blogger should have? "Always carry a nice notebook and pen to write down ideas as and when they arise!" Have you a favourite quote? What is it? "Without passion, we have no energy." (I had the word passion tattooed on my arm in 2007 in Thai script). Oh, very nice, something personal and meaningful, last but not least, any words of wisdom for the readers? "Read my book ha be kind, listen more, judge less and tell the ego to pipe you down. It can be poisonous. Take time each day to be still and present. To appreciate the little things and your intrinsic values. What brings you true joy? Do more of that! " Amazing advice, thank you, Mummy Jojo, if you haven't already, do check the link below for her book as well as her social links she's a busy bee and always comforting to see her side of life. Check out her podcast here!

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