Most creepiest and chilling places in the world YOU CAN actually visit!

For those who love the paranormal, history and reasons behind hauntings this is for you, I have gathered a few of the most creepiest and most bazzar places that you can actually visit and experience for yourself. Having visited 2 of them before I wanted to share this gorry and mentally confusing places with you. As a few know I love history and behind the scenes of things, I have done a great deal of reseach into the history of places around the world, something on my bucket list is to visit as many of these as I can, I have added colour highlights to the names ive been too, I want to know where you have been or places YOU suggest! The Villisca Axe Murder House On June 10, 1912, the old white frame house at 508 E, 2nd Street became a grisly crime scene. The heinous murder of Josiah B. Moore, his wife, their 4 children and 2 young girls. Which started as visitors and ended in terror of a horrible murder, over the years, residents of the home reported visions of a man with an axe, children crying and unexplained paranormal activity. Childrens Room Borgvattnet Vicarage (Borgvattnet spökprästgård in Swedish) Built in 1876, the humble house for holy men started getting its first reported hauntings in 1927 when the resident vicar reported strange happenings including his laundry being torn from the line. Tales of supernatural events continued in the ensuing decades with almost every new vicar or their family or guests claiming to experience ghostly antics. Things have moved, screams has been heard, shadow people have been seen, and the old rocking chair keeps on rocking. The legends surrounding the origins of the haunting tell of abused maids and even of babies buried in the backyard although it is now also said that the old vicars themselves haunt the house. (A picture taking at the old vicarage, sometime in 1990 during a visit by Härnösands Spiritual Association (notice the two figures in the window far right) Waverly Hills Sanatorium Located Louisville/Jefferson County, Kentucky, opened in 1910 as a two-story hospital to accommodate 40 to 50 tuberculosis patients. In the early 1900s, Jefferson County was ravaged by an outbreak of tuberculosis (the "White Plague") Now open to the public for day and all night tours. It is said that 63,000 patients died here when the disese was at its worst. Missouri State Penitentiary, US Offically opened in 1836 and closed in 2004, has a notorious history as the holding prison for Missouri’s death row inmates. Now – once you’ve signed a waiver in case you injure yourself while in the derelict… Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum In the early days known as Weston State Hospital, this asylum was home to thousands of people with mental illness, starting in 1864. Hundreds of people died here before the facility closed in 1994. Hashima Island, Japan Also known as Battleship Island (because of its shape), a haunting place once populated by more than 5,000 people. functioned from 1887 to 1974. It remained closed for 35 years, homes with dusty televisions and telephones still in place. Island of the Dolls - Xochimilco, Mexico It is said that a girl was found drowned in mysterious circumstances many years ago on this island and that the dolls are possessed by her spirit. In the 1950s Julian Santan Barrera found a little girl drowned in mysterious circumstances while he was not able to save her life. Shortly thereafter, Julian saw a floating doll near the canals. He picked up the doll and hung it to a tree, as a way of showing respect and support the spirit of the girl. Julian was apparently haunted by the spirit of the girl and started hanging more dolls in an attempt to please her spirit. After 50 years of collecting dolls and hanging them on the island, Julian was found dead, drowned in the same spot where the girl did. Monte Cristo Homestead – New South Wales, Australia A stem from the amount of tragic events that have occurred there since it was built in 1885. From the time of its construction up to 1948, the Crawley family owned and resided in the property. During this time the family laid witness to many deaths, including the tragic death of a young child who was dropped down the stairs. A maid to the family is believed to have fallen from the balcony, and a stable boy apparently burned to death on the property. Mary King’s Close – Edinburgh, Scotland (BEEN) Once a thriving trade area where Edinburgh’s tradesmen used to live and work however, in 1645 the close was believed to have been abandoned after an outbreak of the plague. Those that were infected stayed behind in isolation. i.e its right down the road from me excactly 2 miles.... Old Changi Hospital – Changi, Singapore Built back in 1935 as part of the old Changi military base. During the occupation of the Japanese the compound was used by the notorious Kempeitai i.e. as a prison and torture camp. After the end of World War II, the building was again a hospital, and remained so until 1997. Helltown, Ohio The Northern part of Summit County The houses were intended to be torn down and the land used for a national park, which never happened, When populated it was creepy let alone when you have to drive by boarded up houses standing next to the burnt out hulks. The Road Drop aka aptly named The End of the World. If you get stuck at this dead end for too long, many people have seen members of the endless parade of freaks patrolling the woods. Satanists, Ku Klux Klan members, an escaped mental patient, an abnormally large snake, and mutants caused by an alleged chemical spill proudly march in this parade. And if you stray from the roads, you may find Boston Cemetery, home to a ghostly man, grave robbers and, the quirkiest of all, a moving tree… Sometimes you think they might be high? (Stay away from drugs kids…) The famous spooky road ​​ Houses left untouched and boared up... kolmanskop Namibia (BEEN) Kolmanskop was founded in the early 1900s when diamonds were found in the desert but abandoned 40 years later. It was once home to hundreds of German families who flocked to the area to try and make their fortune. Being here twice this place gives me the chills, thinking back at familys, revisiting homes, pubs and hospitals which have nothing but sand swept through and forgotten furniture. Having been there twice the feeling was strange, left over furniture and the way the sand has made its owe home.

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