Malta Cat Garden

I love Malta, The sun, sea, architecture and the people. The lifestyle is so relaxed and friendly. My boyfriend recently got a position there and so I'm moving to Malta in June! One thing that really got me thinking when I was there was what is there to do that doesn't involve a lot of money and that's free. Now for all of you follow me and see my posts I'm a massive cat lover, since I was little girl that's all I ever wanted was to have a cat. At school I would draw cat pictures and have some form of cat on everything, I wrote about studied on or collected. It was a bit of a cat freak. The artist who made this beautiful sculpture, Matthew Pandolfino, has created pieces in a range of different forms, such as welding, painting, and sculpting. He is well known across the island for the way he creates his pieces, whereas some artists buy the products that they use for their pieces, Pandolfino only ever uses items that have been thrown away or from somewhere like a scrap yard. He uses the things that no one else wants, which makes him a unique artist in this modern era. The story I’ve been told about this cat statue is one that expresses kindness and sweetness. As the Sliema Cat Garden is full of stray cats, Pandolfino created a work of art made of stray products. Although this story has not been confirmed by the artist, I find it beautiful so I choose to believe it! I was wondering about in Malta in March, one day by myself when I came across Sliema cat garden just outside of Saint Julians. Here's a little documentary of my trip around this amazing unique little furry love spot. You might also enjoy my article on "Things Only People Who Have Cat's Understand & Want".

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