Malta's Top Talked About Cocktail Bar

Tequilla? Gin? Vodka? Whisky? What's your poison?! I love a good cocktail! wherever you go there are the basics, the "Sex on The Beach", "Blue Lagoon" etc, sometimes it gets a bit boring and my im one who's taste buds are always on the hunt for new exciting flavor! "A cocktail done right can really show your guests that you care." - Danny Meyer When moving to Malta, is all about sun, food and drinks! We found this hidden treasure named "The Thirsty Barber". Located on Ball Street, San Ġiljan, Malta's first ever prohibition-style bar.In the Roaring Twenties a law prohibiting alcohol was set. Speakeasies were hidden sections selling alcohol. Tommy SoursIt is so hard to chose a favourite, you got to the bar, and they customize a cocktail for you, asking weather sweet or sour, type of liqueur and bam! Its so magical and great service! I had the last over which I ended have about 5! So good! The attention to detail, each cocktail you want to endure to the fullest! Owners Matthew D’Emanuele, James Stanton and George Adade have worked hard to create this exciting concept through their Maltese company, Intheneedfor Ltd entity within Malta and they are really determined that each and every guests has a fantastic experience when visiting The Thirsty Barber. "In the 1930s, anyone of any sophisticated status owned a cocktail shaker. Distinctive ones are easy to find"-. Roger Stone

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