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“I think sex is overrated, so is always getting wasted, designer drugs and dead end jobs, and classic rock is so outdated, I'm so sick of therapy and all the things it's done to me, how can I be satisfied? When everything is overrated” A Lyrical quote from Less Than Jake's album 2006 “In With The Out Crowd“ from Overrated (Everything Is). Less Than Jake is an american punk band from Gainesville, Florida, formed in 1992. Less Than Jake - Rest of My Life Check out Less Than Jakes site for more intro, songs, tours and good old banter! The band consists of Chris DeMakes (vocals, guitar), Roger Lima (vocals, bass), Vinnie Fiorello (drums, lyrics), Buddy Schaub (trombone) and Peter "JR" Wasilewski (saxophone). Having had a love for LTJ music since they started in 1992 with the first debut album, "Pezcore" which was released in 1995, they have taken the world by storm from songs which range from “Rest of my life” to EP covers of themed songs such as "Spongebob Squarepants". Notes and strums ranging to ska punk, pop punk, punk rock and reggae. Less than Jake have such a ring to their lyrical and instrumental tunes that makes you want to bring out the old skates/boards do some three sixties, to chilling on a pier with a beer! (Check that out for rhyming!) I was lucky enough to have a one on one interview with lead vocalist Chris DeMakes, asking him the fun and diverse questions that were hovering over the fans of LTJ. Well people here you go! What's the most bizarre thing to happen while you were onstage? I got hit in the back of the head with a prosthetic arm once while playing onstage… Who was your biggest inspiration?Not one band in particular, but NOFX, Bad Religion, Snuff, Metallica, Operation Ivy and Fishbone. What's the hardest thing about being in a band?At this point after doing this for two decades, being away from home for extended periods is the hardest part. Out of all your songs what is your favourite to preform that is in your top 3? Gainesville Rock City 5 How did you come up with the name for your latest album?I didn’t, Our drummer Vinnie did . If you could tour with any band, who would they would be? If we could rewind time, I'd say KISS, Sex Pistols or Ramones in the year 1978. Do you have any funny touring stories?Yes, one time we had a bus driver that dressed in drag for the whole tour just to mess with us. He resumed dressing as a man as soon as the tour ended. His name was Stephanie. Where do you get your inspiration lyrically speaking?From life experiences and moments along the way. One for the fashion followers, your style has been really admired, is there a specific person or style that inspires you? Have you seen any pictures of me? Style? Fashion? Um, shorts, t-shirts and tennis shoes please. How would you describe your style in 3 words?Punk. Rock. Ska. Is there anything you would like to share for upcoming shows/songs or albums?Check out our new album "See The Light". It's a great record. Check us out at lessthanjake.comand twitter @lessthanjake A Little fun question for all the computer game followers do you have a favorite game? Xbox/PlayStation? Atari 2600, Donkey Kong! Last but not least do you have any inspirational words for people who are following in your footsteps? Find the right people to be in a band with that have your ideas, vision and goals. Work hard on your lyrics and songs and hope everybody shares the same belief in wearing deodorant. And, lots of it. LTJ are busy touring so be sure to check out for them at festivals and events, upcoming UK shows, get tickets for yourself and some friends to experience Less Than Jake's live concert! May 24, 2014 Leeds, UK Leeds University May 25, 2014 Hertfordshire, UK The Forum,Having lots more performances check out SHOWS, in your area! Having started up their own label released 6 albums, LTJ have really presented themselves in such a punk and inspirational manner! LTJ always have something exciting and unique up their sleeve leaving the fans and followers excited and adrenaline pumping!

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