Lambrini Cocktail O’clock

Many of you know how much I love my Lambrini, on a night out its Lambrini, at a house party “Lambrini”, family events “Lambrini…” graduation “Lambrini” Christmas morning “Lambrini” Yap Its my champagne. From the cherry to the original sparkle and peach as well as the summer cider’s Lambrini has newly started promoting! YUM! I have been creating lovely concoctions for numerous amounts of occasions, so many of my friends just love them. If having a unscrupulous day, they know the drill to turn up with a bottle of Lambro (Yeh we are at nick name terms now…) and pizza! You know who your true friends are when they know that all you need is a night in! I have put together a few amazing tester cocktails I have made, or as I say here are a few fun Punk Rock Princess Lambrini cocktails to add a little extra zing to your night! (Or day…) For all of these cocktails you will need a least a Glass (WINE or CUP whatever you please) Lambrini (Obviously) All depends on the volume you want! So go crazy! It all mixes lovely! Orange Ocean Oscar Normal sparkling Lambrini topped to half a wine glass 2 table spoons of lime squash Slice of lemon – (Drop it in) Slice of Orange- (Again drop it in) A touch of Fanta Crushed ice to make it snazzy and cool Cranberry (Cray Cray) Blossom Lambrini sparkle Cranberry Juice Touch of Tonic water Finishing with a squirt of apple and cranberry squash. Lemon Limelight with a Lemon Lambrini normal, half a small wine glass Small cup of fresh Lemon juice Lime cordial Tonic water Limeade to finish it off With a lemon slice (Nice to add an extra squeeze of lemon) Minus the pips… no one likes the pips… James and the Giant Strawberry Lambrini Strawberry - half a glass Orange Squash Tonic Water Slice of Peach Crushed Ice Touch of Peach Juice Cha Cherry Ching Half a glass of Cherry Lambrini Apple & Raspberry tonic water Slices of strawberries & Apple in the bottom Sprinkle of sugar around the sides of the glass (Margarita style) Cherrie soda (Small top off) Winter Woopies! Cherry Lambrini Tonic Water Fanta Lemon Slice Crushed Ice Bubble Gummies Normal Lambrini (Half a glass) Bubble gum flavoured soda (quarter) Orange Squash Bubble gum… (when drinking…. Good taste) Hubba Baba Cream soda top off. To make it more exciting add a scoop of ice cream to make a lambrini coke float! TASTEY Bright Bubbles Lime Cordial Lambrini Lemon juice Slice of Lemon Small bit of crushed Ice Tropicana colours Normal Lambrini Orange and Raspberry Juice Orange Squash Lemon Cordial Lemon Slice Lambrini Float Normal Lambrini Vanilla Ice Cream Strawberries (Sounds strange but is actually pretty amazing!) ONE MORE THING! Drink Responsibly….. with style Show me your cocktails, creativity and tasters! Always interested! Now go and have a ball! It's not going to drink itself. BTW 18 OVERS PEOPLE! DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE

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