Kick back and relax in Australia with these tips

Australia is a truly amazing place. Once you have visited there, you will see just why people are pulled back there time and time again. There are so few countries that can provide such a broad range of experiences while offering some of the most beautiful views and scenery you could think of. Whether you are planning to discover this wonderful country on your own or use Happy Valley tours, there really is something for everyone to do. In this article, we won't be looking at the more active and energetic activities that you can do in Australia, but instead, we are going to focus on how you can really enjoy the famous relaxed Australian vibe. If you are ready just to kick back and experience a full escape, these options may just be perfect for you. Find a secluded spot. Despite having vast areas of desert, the more 'on-track' destinations are incredibly tourist heavy. After all, everyone is going to experience the same things you are! As such, hotels in the more popular areas can be fully booked up a long time in advance. If you are looking for a quiet, chilled out experience, a bursting to the capacity hotel is probably not what you had in mind! In that case, check out areas outside of the main cities for a more secluded situation. For example, head an hour or so outside of Sydney and stay in the beautiful Blue Mountains bushland! Spend a day at the beach There is nothing quite as relaxing as a day at the beach, especially when it is an Australian beach, with miles of soft white sand and warm, crystal blue sea. Take your pick from the secluded Rainbow Beach in Queensland, or the slightly more lively Belongil Beach in New South wales. Whatever you fancy doing, whether you want to try your hand at some gentle watersports or just want to lie back on a sun lounger with a cold drink, there is a beach for everyone. Catch the waves When many of us think of Australia, we think of surfing, and when you see the great waves, you will definitely understand why. While surfing can give you a real adrenalin rush and get the blood pumping, it also has an incredibly calming action. Think of the stereotypical surfers in the media - laid back and chilled out! Surfing is said to become almost like meditation, giving you time to focus and clear your head, while creating a real sense of being at one with nature. After all, you are at the mercy of the sea. If you have never tried your hand at surfing, Australia is the place to give it a go! - and think of the Instagram photos! As you can see, while there are lots of exciting and adventurous things to do in Australia, it is also the perfect country to visit if you are looking to kick back, relax and really feel at one with yourself or your travelling companion.

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