Kalamaki Kolonaki, Greek Inspired Restaurant

I was visiting my mum who now lives in Athens, it was my first time there, and wow what an incredible place with amazing food, vibes and history! One place that really caught my eye when over was the hidden treasured Kalamaki Kolonaki a Greek inspired restaurant that takes its inspiration from Greek cuisine which has a history of more than a thousand years. Kalamaki is often interchanged with the word Souvlaki which is a popular Greek food item. It typically consists of meat which is almost minced and is served with grill vegetables in perfection. Kalamaki Kolonaki is located in the heart of Athens and as the city depicts raw beauty and Greek culture, so does the food. Believe it or not, the entire experience of a city and what its about can be learned from its cuisine. This is the reason Kalamaki Kolonaki promises to be a delight when it comes to trying out Greek food. Here are some reasons why Kalamaki Kolonaki promises to be a surreal experience: Salads: We’re sure that you’ve tried Greek salads before but Kalamaki Kolonaki offers something unique. Greek salads in this restaurant do take their inspiration from traditional Greek cuisine however the restaurant does like get to innovative by adding additional items. Normally, a Greek salad or a Horiatiki salad is made of vegetables such as cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, olives which is supplemented by feta cheese. Kalamaki Kolonaki takes one step further by adding Greek mountain Oregano as well as bell pepper slices. In short, the restaurant offers some great greek salads which are definitely worth a try. The Food: The best part about Kalamaki Kolonaki is the range of foods available in the menu. They have everything for everyone, if you’re looking to eat a vegetable cuisine then we suggest you try the grilled eggplant. It’s cooked in a slightly unconventional way as it uses seasoning methods that define Greek cuisine. On the other hand if you’re in the mood for meat then there’s plenty of stuff for you. From its mouth watering chicken and pork skewers to the sizzling beef and turkey burgers. Kalamaki Kolonaki offers a well rounded outlook of the Greek cuisine which itself is amazing. Be sure to try the lamb kebabs which are a traditional dish of Greek cuisine. Another amazing dish is the homemade pita, which is made in such a way that it feels thicker yet is smaller in size. So that each bite can really bring in the flavors. I was crazy for the chicken and lamb! The way the food is served in the trays and the portions I was just in heaven! The Aura: We have to say that the aura of the restaurant wasn’t exactly noticeable as it's located in a place where it can’t be easily noticed. However, once you step inside / well outside, the restaurant things change completely, it becomes a perfect little place where you can listen to some live music from locals being played. It only has outdoor sitting though but that might just work in your favor as it can really take your experience to an entirely new level. If you’re around Athens and you really want to get a feel for Greek food and what its all about then Kalamaki Kolonaki is the place you need to be! Check out this hidden treasure, in the non touristic area, a great little family run place with alot to offer!

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