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It is that time of the year, the hallmark holiday, where it is all red heart-shaped balloons, chocolates and kissing all around! But for some singles, this holiday is just somewhat of a - shove in the face your single! But no fear RightCasino is here, that's correct I have teamed up with this amazing company once again to bring you some exciting opportunities you cannot miss! If you saw my last post with RightCasino in December you know what I am talking about! RightCasino have carried out their research and gathered the top 5 hottest Valentine’s Day promotions out there. Join RightCasino and enjoy a promo or 2 during this loving week! As some of you are aware of, people investigate casinos and think of two things, making money or losing it, but sometimes you just want to have fun and not think about any of that! Well, this is where RightCasino gives you that chance! There are some serious prizes are up for grabs - (Drum roll!) Starting with a romantic getaway to Paris including four-star accommodation, airport transfers and the choice of a spa day or luxury dining experience. (I know right!) Next up is cruising - at the end of the promo the casino will pull a name out of a hat and that lucky player will spend a week cruising around Spain and Portugal, with stops in Lisbon, Barcelona and more, aboard a luxury cruise liner packed with amenities and activities to enjoy. ( Ok, this just seems pipe dream!) Apart from these we also have the hottest welcome bonus, free spins frenzy and all happening this week at RightCasino. (Ok, (thinking)) must be a catch) Well... there isn't! How amazing and crazy is that! I share what I love, do what I love and as they say "Sharing is caring". What is a new entrant into the online casino scene to do?! Well, that's where RightCasino comes in. As you know RightCasino understands the frustration felt by online gamers in this regard and so have taken it upon themselves to ensure no player that finds their way on to our site leaves without learning all they need to know about the best casinos on the internet. From ratings on customer service, local availability, a payment system to even software reviews, everything without exception you need to know about an online casino is available at RightCasino. And they don't advertise any casino either; they state the facts. So what's the offer you are wondering, Sweet! I want to get this party started and bags packed now you say! Heading on over to their exclusive casino promotions page right now you'll find yourself in the hands of the judges with all the insights and information on how to get started, simples! So there you have it. The competition ends on the 15th of Feb so hurry hurry hurry! Also if you are the lucky winner... I have my bags packed and am waiting! :D (hah, but good luck lovebirds and singletons there is something for everyone this time of year!

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