How to Save Money While Planning Your Dream Wedding

Believe it or not, for the next decade, you will schedule a wedding without debiting yourself and your friends. I'll give you some tips and instructions to make this possible without cutting corners. All it takes is a little discipline to stick to a schedule. First thing you should do is make a list of items "needed" while planning a wedding. This includes your outfit, his suit, visitors, cake, flowers, reception decorations, food, music, drinks, photographers, and anything else you feel is essential. Then sit down and decide on the five most critical items on this list. That's where you can splurge. Five that sound like a minimal amount, but there are plenty of decisions to make during wedding planning, even if you keep it easy. Before you start, if you can define the five most essential items, it will prevent you from letting out all the "minor information." Trust me; things will quickly snowball if you have a good plan before you set yourself free in wedding planning. Your fist conclusion could be a wedding planner out of the question. That's valid in other situations. But don't rule them out before you've spoken to a few. He or she will offer some great tips about how to stick to your budget. When you start organizing, you'll quickly see it's a little intimidating. Every city has hundreds of photographers, pastry chefs, and florists. It can help you work with someone who knows the ropes and can help you find the companies that operate at the fairest rates. Another thing you should steal pennies is to schedule your wedding off-season. The most common wedding months are May-October. Many venues would drop their prices during the slower months to fill their calendars. Ask for the all-year price list to find out the dates they've opened, so you know what you've got to deal with. It's never good news to set your heart on a date, only to discover it's booked. Destination weddings are a perfect way to save the day. It might not sound like a probability, but I was utterly amazed at what I discovered while planning my wedding. Lots of places offer package deals on weddings. If you intend to hold your wedding on their lands, you can get discounted rooms in beautiful resorts. They have unique environments. On the beach, in a lovely gazebo, next to a waterfall, or even on an extinct volcano in a spectacular national park! The sky is the limit if you're free to flying. And most of these places are all-inclusive, so you get food, drinks, and entertainment. You will want to stay right for your honeymoon. Keep your eye out for "Off The Shelf" sales, you can get dresses that are usually very pricey at significantly discounted prices because some brides just tried them for fits. You will need to have it dry cleaned only to be sure, but even if you need to adjust it, even if you ordered it in your size. Another choice is to wear a mother's or grandmother's dress. You could make some adjustments for the right match or tweak a little. You might also select a dress that would usually be called bridesmaidsí wear. Many blogs on the Internet have dresses in various colours. But in the photo, you can change colours. Seeing what they look like in white or ivory is so fun; all you do is a point to paint and press. But before you try, I wouldn't suggest buying it; you might not be able to return it. Call your area's bridal shops to see if they're carrying the theme, then go and try. Often images look very, very different. In the long run, your budget could cut hundreds or even thousands. Don't forget; you'll only wear your dress once. You can offer all your finishing touches, including Swarovski bridal jewellery or Swarovski hair bits. This next tip could be the best, and probably the toughest. Split the guest list. You could do this in a few ways, I once attended a wedding where at the reception they had quite a few people and just a few at dinner, but later opened it to everyone again for drinks and dancing. You may also have a tiny, formal ceremony and welcome dinner for very close family and friends, followed by a very relaxed and casual pig roast and picnic the next day. Whatever suits you will be perfect, but I must confess from experience that this is the most disciplined part. At the reception, there are a few ways to save, you may consider finding a place to hold your reception that will allow you to carry your liquor, and then all you need to do is hire a few people to tend the bar. You do not want a three- or four-course meal. Buffets are appropriate ways to keep the guests happy and yet save money. Another fun thing to do is have a dinner cake, or you can cook the whole thing yourself and let your families prepare their favourite dishes. Last but not least, DIY, DIY, DIY. You can do a lot of straightforward stuff that can be as beautiful as buying anything for your wedding. You'd be shocked how little time it takes you and the remarkable change in your cheque book balance. Create table decorations from hurricanes with glass gems in the bottom of the water with a floating candle on top. You might also add one or two goldfish! You might ask family members to give you their favourite crystal and put it on the tables with scattered rose petals and votive candles among them to make very inexpensive, but elegant centrepieces. You may even invite yourself. Many companies offer software that will give you beautiful graphics, fonts and techniques to make them perfect. The Internet is an excellent tool that lets you find countless ideas and tips to make them a reality. The best advice I have for anyone planning a wedding: it's a wedding, meaning that if you go home that day and you're married to the person you love, your goal has been accomplished. All these other stuff are information. Wedding is just the first day; it's making a very significant happy marriage. Dont let all this confuse you, have fun and enjoy your day.

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