How To Put Together The Perfect Birthday Outfit

It’s your birthday, and you’ve probably got a fair few things planned. Perhaps it’s dinner with friends/family, or maybe you’ve planned a party in the evening. Regardless, you need to put together the perfect birthday outfit. For many girls, this decision is so difficult, and with an hour to go before you leave, you’re still sat there in your birthday suit figuring out what to put on! Well, hopefully, this blog post shows you a few ideas that can help you construct the ideal birthday outfit. A Special Dress Personally, I think that dresses are the best thing to wear on your birthday. Especially when you wear one that you wouldn’t usually put on for any old event. This is purely so it makes the outfit feel more special, and it can help you stand out. You want people to go ‘wow, I love that dress!’, which they’re not likely to do if they’ve seen it time and time again. This should be a special occasion dress that you’ve been saving for some time, and it needs to make a statement. If you take a look at, you’ll find a few examples of great birthday dresses that will really stand out and make people take notice of you. After all, it’s your big day, so you deserve to be the center of attention. Birthday-Themed Accessories Some accessories will be the perfect addition to your outfit - especially if they’re birthday themed. There are a fair few ideas you can try here, and one of my favorites is jewelry that’s got birthstones in it. You can see on that every month of the year has a particular gemstone attached to it. So, a pair of earrings or a necklace with your birthstone will be such a great addition to your birthday outfit. It’s a subtle nod to your birth, but it can also complement the other clothing items perfectly. Or, if subtlety isn’t your thing, then get a birthday tiara or badge that you can wear to make sure everyone knows it's your big day! Fancy Footwear You’ve got a dress, you’ve got the accessories, now you need the footwear. I know some of you may hate this, but heels are the best choice for me. Yes, they can be a bit uncomfortable, but they really elevate this outfit to new heights - literally! The best thing about heels is that they give you a few extra inches of height, which helps you feel more confident as you’re walking around. You’ll literally be standing tall on your birthday, which makes you feel a lot better about yourself and gives you a confidence boost. Plus, they can be incredibly stylish and almost become the central part of the outfit. You don’t wear heels all the time, so you may as well get them out for this special occasion. There’s a handy video above this paragraph that will help you walk in heels with less pain, so that’s a bonus for you! With these three ideas, you should be able to construct the perfect birthday outfit. You’ll put together something special, something that stands out, and something that makes you feel like a queen!

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