How to get your BLOG Noticed in 8 Steps

Blogging can be hard sometimes, now with it booming the businesses and everyone with their different niches, it’s now classified as a top professional job. That’s if you do it properly! Here are a few tips and ideas to get your blog out there and noticed more! Establish Your Niche.
If you are a food blogger, or photography get the most and best content to get your work noticed. You’re of love food; think what other lovers would like to read! Make it rich, interesting and knowledgeable. Determine the purpose of your blog and stick with it. Great links for niche suggestions FIZZLE Digital Dimensions Get Social! Socialize with your audience, consistently share your articles around with the following sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Google+, and Stumble Upon buttons on your blog. Make sure you have sharing tools at the bottom of each article and page.Don’t forget to use relevant hash tags and promote on the right committees and groups. Don’t SPAM! Be sure to carry conversations with your followers, get involed in groups and projects. Be a Guest Author on Popular Blogs Writing for companies and other popular blogs/media sites is a great way to get your work noticed! “Guest posting” means writing and publishing an article on someone else’s website or blog. Here is a list of different places to check out. Get involved! Interact with other blogs/bloggers This helps create relationships with both the blogger whose blog you're interacting with and the people who follow that blog. They share your content as well as you sharing theirs. Design/layout Make your blog stand out, do something different, add free downloads and fun facts to keep you audience engaged and motivated. You want to make your site attractive as well as useful. Don’t go too over board with ads and pop ups as that are a killer to a blog. Encourage Followers to Get Involved Gather information and start conversations with your audience. Get quizzes, fun competitions and polls and understand what it is your audience want from you. Make them part of your work. Write To Help – Not To Impress This is where a lot of people get it wrong, you want to write things that people want to know, learn and gain something from, not to show off and impress, no one wants to read your daily diary. They want to know how to capture a perfect photo, cook a good unique Italian or help with advice on health or other quires. Whatever your niche is find out what others do and write about to gain further inspiration, get involved with them and build a foundation. Research search engine optimization aka SEO. A strategy that web developers use to increase the likelihood that someone will find their site in a search. Get ad words up and your seo up to date; ensure you use your Meta tags. Check out this video for further info, weather you are on Wordpress/Blogger/WIX. Lesson 1 - Beginners SEO Tutorial Course - Getting Started - Ali Baba Any other questions feel free to find me here or tweet me here! Keep posted for some more 101 blogging inputs and ideas….

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