Halo Coffee Co, Edinburghs Central Perk

Such a fantastic afternoon yesterday at Halo Coffee Co, having opened up in November 2014 just at Elder Street, Edinburgh. Hidden away in a exclusive bottom floor historic building, to enter into the life and light of the 21st century and creamy clean expressos and herbal teas. A few of us bloggers were invited by ZOMATO to the lovely sneak taste to Halo Cafe. Lovely for the perfect cuppa not to mention the amazing outlook and inviting scene and the feel it brings you made me feel like I was in a small little Central Perk cafe waiting for the FRIENDS cast to arrive. Having met the owner Michael and hearing his fantastic story to the tasty outlook and what goes into his master coffees, from americanos to cherry rose lemon tea and mother made morish treats, I couldnt help but have a bit of everything! Creating the perfect coffee, how it should be done! This Cherry Rose Lemon and Apple Cinnamon are by far the ones tor try. You can even purchase packages and take them home with you. With a lovely group of Edinburgh bloggers and the team of Zomato we all indulged and learnt about what makes a perfect cup of coffee. A lovely treat and somewhere I will most definetly be going again! Fantastic atmoshphere, cosy and FREE WIFI! We all know how much that is a plus too, also having meals from breakfast to juciy sandwiches, Its a next stop on my list for lunch! Next time you are in town, this is the Coffee place to check out! Also take a look at the awesome ZOMATOS app for futher info and great insights to the IT places to eat, drink and chill.

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