Guilty Pleasure… BEST Geordie Shore's quotes

So as some may know, I am not a huge reality TV person... Well thats a small lie... but in terms of banter I dont really get... Mainly when it comes to a language I can barely understand, as well as humour (Which is rather crud.. ALL THE TIME) I don’t quiet get… But recently I have been hooked to MTVs Geordie Shore, Its classic entertainment! Easy, cheesy and something interesting always happens. So I have put together from the first season to now the best quotes from the show! My friends used to talk about it on nights out, and big showings and never got it... It all makes sense now... (Lets be honest we all love a bit of reality...) A wee help with the Newcastle slang · Nee - no · Dee - do · Gan - go · Divvin' - don't · Doon - down · Toon - Newcastle city centre and Newcastle United FC · Propa - very, really or significantly · Owa - over · Neet - night · Us - me Geordie Shore girls launch their kangaroo kebabs "he'll wine ya, he'll dine ya, he'll sixty-fuckin'-nine ya." -(Vicky) "On a scale from 1 to 10 I'm 4,5 percent fit and 6,5 percent fat! Oh shit, that's 11! "-(Charlotte) "We're having a mint time in Amsterdam... I've always wanted to be in Germany" -(Scottie T) "You need to forget about the parsnip, and feel them real mexican coconuts. "-(In cancun,shopie) "I love it when Jay's drunk. He's like a big, clumsy, silverback gorilla" -(Charlotte) "Never go to the toilet with a scorpion, it's just a bad idea" - (Charlotte) "The lasagne is looking a bit brown, I'm wondering if Joel's got his fake tan mixed in by mistake" -(James) "All I know is once I've finished with these Australian girls, Bondi Rescue's phone is gonna ring off the hook." - (Gaz) "He looks like f**king Crocodile Dundee gone wrong and he smells like the horse he rode in on." - (James) There you have it, If you havent managed to catch the series be sure to check catch up and updates on MTV or just follow their page! It will super make you laugh! The ups, downs, fights, adventures, experiences and new comers! There is always something! As they say, booze, tashing, banging and banter - "Lets get f***ing mortal!" - Still dont get why its called that....?

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