Formals to fit your wardrobe

Like always, Femme Luxe Finery has brought up some of the best dresses both the formal range to give your wardrobe something different. So, let’s start with discussing a few from the vast collection that we have in store for you. Red Corset Satin Bardot Bodycon Mini Dress: Red Corset Satin Bardot Bodycon Mini Dress is one of the best dresses that you can look for this season. The beautiful red color and its beautiful shape is something that would make you go made after it. This is YOUR dress for all the upcoming parties. Blue Broderie Anglaise Bardot Crop Top: This crop top is a lot different from the other tops and you’ll actually love it. The subtle color with a bolder style is what makes Blue Broderie Anglaise Bardot Crop Top special. Pair it with white trousers and be sure that you’ll be slaying everyone. You can also get 10% ON ALL GUCCI BAGS & SHOES. Black Ruched Mesh Overlay Strapless Bodycon Mini Dress: Another must have dresses that should be the part of your wardrobe is Black Ruched Mesh Overlay Strapless Bodycon Mini Dress. Did you have a closer look at this dress? If not, then we recommend that you should. Its style is simply amazing and the frills added at the bottom gives a unique look to this dress. Black 'Beverly Hills 1990' Oversized T-Shirt: The last dress on our list today is Black 'Beverly Hills 1990' Oversized T-Shirt. This is a gift for all the people born in 1990s. You are actually going to relish your childhood memories and that too with a cool look. What excuse do you have about not getting this t-shirt? Here we are highlighting only four of the best dresses from the trendy collection of Femme Luxe Finery. You can visit our store to explore the rest of the collection.

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