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Do you like to stay ahead of the latest trends? Or, do you make your own fashion rules? If you are looking for some fun trends to rock over the coming months, here are some trends to consider… Leather Let’s begin with the number one material for the upcoming months; leather. Leather has long been a trend that has been associated with celeb style and it is about to hit overdrive. Throw away the rule books. You don’t have to be subtle with your leather incorporation. If you want to wear a leather top, with leather shorts and leather ankle boots, then go for it. This will coincide with the sporty hip style that has been dominating the industry as of late as well. Tartan You definitely don’t need to be Scottish to rock this fun-filled trend! Tartan is one of the top prints for the month ahead. How you wear it is up to you. From tartan leggings, to tartan dress, to tartan jumpers; this print is going to be present in an array of different forms. And as most trends do, this one start on the catwalk with everybody from Versace, to Mulberry, to Givenchy incorporating this fabric into their collections. Suits The suit is coming back. Buy those trousers and matching blazer and wear with your head held high. This is a trend that needs to be worn with confidence in order for it to work. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that a suit needs to be boring. This is definitely not the case. From plum to cobalt; there are lots of great colours. You can also choose between different prints and cuts too. So, why not dare to be different? Oversized coats This trend optimises everything that winter is all about; not only does it look fantastic but it is extremely comfortable as well. When you look for a jacket think big. Go for something that you can snuggle into and provides you with optimum comfort. If it looks too big for you, it doesn’t matter; that is part and parcel of what the trend is all about. And don’t forget to pick your coat with care. You are going to be wearing a lot during the months ahead! Pink Last but not least, let’s finish off with the colour for the rest of the year; pink. Of course, pink looks great in summer! However, pink is not a colour you would typically associated with the cold months. Yet, a pale pink can create a beautiful winter wonderland effect, and it is stunning when accessorising with the likes of hard scarves, like these ones with satin lining in head caps for a luxe impact. Nonetheless, you aren’t just limited to this shade. Feel free to wear bright pink during the colder months. You can bring some brightness to the dull days that are ahead. Points to help you shop online more effectively There is very little getting away from the fact that online shopping is booming at present. One industry that undoubtedly flourishes in terms of ecommerce is the fashion world. More and more people treat themselves to a new dress or a new pair of shoes on a daily basis. Nonetheless, whilst there are heaps of benefits associated with buying clothes online, you do also need to be mindful too. Read on to discover some top tips for all of those who are buying clothing on the internet. Firstly, don’t forget that finding the right clothing size is a tricky business. When you are shopping in person can you honestly say that you are a size 12 in one shop, and still a size 12 in another, and still a size 12 in the next? Many women are always remarking that they can be a whole number of different sizes depending on what store they are in. However, the evident problem with online shopping is the fact that you cannot try the clothing on. So, then what do you do? Well, all websites will have a section dedicated to sizing. They will tell you the measurements for each of the sizes they sell. Take your measurements and correspond them with this to guarantee you have got it right. In addition to this, you should never begin shopping without checking out what the delivery charges are. So many people spend hours and hours looking at clothing on a particular site. They add it to their basket and get excited about the purchases they are about to make. However, once they get to the checkout they discover that the total cost has risen monumentally. What has happened? It is simple; the delivery rate has been added on. There are some companies which charge simply extortionate rates. It is better to find out what the charges are from the get-go rather than risk wasting an extensive amount of time shopping on the website in question. And finally, don’t underestimate how important it is to do your research and read reviews. This is not only in relation to finding out whether a company is good or not. But, you will also be able to find out some key information. For instance, several customers may have posted to tell you that a website, in particular, is not very generous with their clothing when it comes to the chest area, thus if you have a large chest you may want to consider going up a dress size. This is particularly useful if the company offer a review system whereby each product can receive a rating. Nevertheless, simply reading up on the company can prove extremely beneficial in the end, that’s for sure.

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