Explore Malta's Dingli Cliffs

With the highest point in Malta, Dingli Cliffs are a sight for anyone visiting this beautiful country, the views are spectacular, like you’ve never seen before! In one direction, you see the merging blues of the sea, and in the other you sea the gorgeous cities in Malta. By Robert Lopez As with most of Malta, the village of Dingli has many religious influences throughout it. It is dedicated to the Assumption of Our Lady into heaven, and the importance of religion is shown in the fact that the church is in the centre of the village which expresses the prominent influence of the Christian and Catholic religion. Malta is well-known for its beautiful views, and you can definitely see why when you visit this stunning place! It’s quite easy to get a bus or drive to Dingli, and so it’s an ideal place to visit, either as a tourist or a Maltese national. People of all ages can enjoy this area; the children can run along the fields a bit further away from the cliffs, whilst the adults enjoy the prominent views from this idyllic area.

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