Edinburghs Yocoko Noodle Bar

Noodles, rice and everything nice! Edinburgh’s Yocoko Noodle bar with Pan-Asian cuisine including teriyaki and curry dishes, plus takeaway option. This was a small quiet hidden gem, I used to walk past it loads and never managed to pop in, after a while I thought it’s a must and the was the beginning of a beautiful foodship… the prices, the flavours, the portions, the variety and the service is just like being in back in Asia. Growing up in Asia I crave these little places, escapism and a chance to relax in a comforting environment, I always go in and grab the chicken and sweet corn soup, dumplings and Ramon chicken noodles. I leave with a bill of about £8. So full, and ready with energy for the rest of the day! A must try! Fantastic for a quick work lunch with some friends. Located 45 South Bridge, Edinburgh. The Menu is seen below with a link to the site which you can download and order. すぐに再びお会いしましょう!ハッピー食べます! Sugu ni futatabi o ai shimashou! Happī tabemasu! See you again soon, happy eating!

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