Edinburghs First Vlogging Workshop

Another extremely successful event completed! With a great turnout, Christmas themed evening workshop. On 7th of December the Edinburgh Blogger Conference hosted their second event focusing on the world of vlogging regardless if you're a starter or a professional, it was to bring Scotlands powerful voices together in the world of Vlogging. Workshops, entertainment, unlimited drinks and snacks! Followed by an after panel. Which was all hosted once again at the amazing Whitespace! With speakers such as Wee Scottish lass who run the main workshop. Scottish Vlogger / YouTuber in Scotland 'm nothing more than a Wee Scottish Lass fae the bonnie bonnie land of Scotland. If ye have any requests drop me a comment on one of my videos or send me a message! Otherwise catch me up on the following: Instagram - MoscoMoon Twitter - MoscoMoon DeviantArt - MoscoMoon Snapchat - MoscoMoon Facebook - MoscoMoon Damian Keyes Damian graduated from music college at 19 and then joined the core team that grew the same college from 50 students to 800 before leaving at 23 to set up The Brighton Institute of Modern Music (BIMM). This is now one of the most successful independent music colleges in the world valued at an excess of £50M. He also founded DK Music Management which is the UK’s largest commercial band management company. He's continued to invest in companies since, but in the past year Damian's main focus and passion has been setting up advice pages across social media, where he vlogs daily advice on how to best utilise social media and online marketing to build a following. Through both his various socials and public speaking, Damian guides creatives and businesses alike on how to boost your presence online to the best it can be. Instagram - damiankeyes1 Twitter - damiankeyes Facebook - damokeyes Site - damiankeyes.com Followed by the The Kilted Coaches all the way down from Perth speaking about their YouTube experience and fitness, in partnership with The Nomis Agency. Hailing from Scotland, YouTube duo The Kilted Coaches are both on a mission, to bring back HEALTH AND HAPPINESS to as many people as possible across the globe. With over 45k subscribers and over 6 million views on YouTube they have hit the USA audience and are building on their continued success with a recent Superfoods appearance on Channel 4 and have also signed to influencer talent management company, The Nomis Agency. The kilt wearing duo are looking forward to sharing their story, how brands can work with them and of course to give some motivational tips to the audience, be sure to get involved when they are on stage! Instagram - thekiltedcoaches Twitter - thekiltedcoaches Facebook -thekiltedcoaches Site - thekiltedcoaches.com We made sure that none of our speakers or guests went thirsty or hungry. After an evening of education entertainment and and site for information we took the party from whitespace to lose on George Street which was all arranged and supported by ,complimentary Prosecco, free entry and of course a really good bubbly. Absolutely fantastic outcome alongside that we also had some great supporters which supply some goodies involving Graze, Candy kittens, Pixey, boost energy drink/protein drink, personal planner, wait space, right here videos, From previous events and hope to continue to work with this astonishing and mind blowing businesses. Because lets be honest.. they are awesome! Safe to say we had our guests all energised with sweets, drinks, knowledge and nutrition! This is how we roll! Currently on our next event which will be hosted hopefully on 5 April - 2018, more information to be confirmed which will be dedicated to Instagram, capturing the perfect moment. Huge thank you to all of our supporters and supporters such a fantastic evening and has truly made people open their eyes to thePower of what Vlogging can actually do. See the feedback and thoughts, we cannot wait to have all back for our next event! Keep tuned!

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